Comments on [Open] World Baking Day 2023 - GA Set

restingden Avatar

Offer here for Beef Stew
Autobuy: $75
US$ > Art > Site Items (Seasonal items/Mythic Potions)
Note: pet automatically comes with the main design when purchased or when an offer is accepted

2023-05-17 14:09:57

Fulgarite Avatar

Hi there! I would like to offer 5 Lineless or Lined with shading fullbodies OR 10 headshots (lined or lineless) for this character OR 5 headshots and 3 chibis!
Examples can be found here:
Turn around time is 1-2 weeks give or take
Thanks for reading!

2023-05-17 14:27:59

restingden Avatar

this design has been abed offsite, but I really appreciate your interest in them + the offer too < 3

2023-05-17 18:25:07