Animhoats - "The Cursed"

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Animhoats - "The Cursed"
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In Jokes & Memes ・ By Speedy, Numiauri, PromptoBeans

I wonder who this N.A. Serval is.. :3c

A joke on Animorphs and the redesign for M-0049, which many consider cursed.

AU because a poster of it exists in the World of Lingua universe. o3o;

Submitted By Speedy
Submitted: 10 months agoLast Updated: 9 months ago

Speedy: Everything but the design art
Numiauri: Original design for Candy Cane
PromptoBeans: Redesign for Cursed Candy Cane
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mewhaku Avatar

Honestly that is pretty cursed lol

2022-07-07 12:57:47

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