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"So... I get cash if I find a gold corn-thing?"
"Yes! But beware of-"

"Look, I'd love to stay and chat, but I've gotta get started. Ciao~"

"HeyyaAHey-Hey-eY-HEY! Just grow another! You weren't using it anyways!"

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stealing again are we?

"NOT EVEN 10 MINUTES LATER" is a three-part panel that features the repercussions of theft within a sentient cornfield, featuring mhoats M-0159 (Aanya) & M-0339 (Drek). Aanya has been compensated 10 caps for barely making it out with their life, and was since dragged from the premise by another mhoat as they tried to "1v1 a fish?"
took me less time than i anticipated. then again like, only THREE weeks after the announcement for this prompt, i started, so I had to speedrun this. then some hiccups got in the way had i had to double DOWN on this. of course, i've wanted to experiment with postures and the like, especially when it comes to motion. i got some of that out of this. it's slippery, but I think it made some progress with making more organic movements.

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