Retail Woes: Window Seat

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Retail Woes: Window Seat
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In Alternate Universe Art ・ By Fulgarite

Retail Woes is a comic I make about retail stories my friends and I have actually experienced

This comic showcases Kandi working at [REDACTED] restaurant, cleaning up her area and waiting for customers. Two customers walk in and before she even get her greeting out she is interrupted by the bossy one asking for a window seat who then demands a specific seat she can see. Then she is rude and tries to force Kandi to be faster.

I figured Scorch and Aqua being total Karens to Kandi fit as they are mean girls XD

Story is non-cannon to the RoM world

Submitted By Fulgarite
Submitted: 4 months agoLast Updated: 4 months ago

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