Desert Traveler MYO

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Desert Traveler MYO
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In MYO Event 2023 ・ By Numiauri

Title: Desert Traveler

Vabbit Teeth: Fangs
Vabbit Eyes: Standard Pupils
Vabbit Eyes: Colored Sclera (Mutation)
Vabbit Ears: Hooty Ears (Mutation)
Vabbit Tails: Wolf Tail
Vabbit Plates: Beaky Plates (Mutation)
Vabbit Tones: Warm Tones
Vabbit Tones: Double Tones

Referral to Speedy and Promptobean because both of these nerds are the reason mhoats have gotten as far as they have <3

Submitted By Numiauri for MYO Slot Claim
Submitted: 7 months agoLast Updated: 7 months ago

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