[DTA] Goblin Mode

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[DTA] Goblin Mode
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In DTA Kit Event 2023 ・ By shralen

When I first saw this kit, I immediately had idea for it, a goblin looking aquatic... Then I went to see the subtype and realize it was a Land Mhoat... Didn't stop me from making a design for it. But let me tell you folk they would have made an awesome aquatic.

They were supposed to have 3 claws on those back feet... But you can only see 2... Oh well...

Masterlist trait:

-Goblin Face (Mutation)

Traits I added:

-Wild Eyes
-Batty Ears
-Fangs Teeth
-Shark Teeth
-Dragon Wings (Mutation)
-Imp Tail
-Double Tone Goo
-Gradient Goo
-Hoof Variation (Note: The right arm has the same variation has the left one, I just wanted the character to look sassier, so that's why it looks different.)

For: https://www.mhoats.com/character/M-0406



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