[Gift] Floral Roo DTA Entry

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[Gift] Floral Roo DTA Entry
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In DTA Kit Event 2023 ・ By Oboe

Traits Used:
- Rabbit Teeth
- Shaped Iris (Mutation, Included)
- Greyscale Sclera
- Ribbon Ears (Mutation, Included)
- Shaped Feelers (Mutation, Flowers)
- Kangaroo Tail (Mutation, Included)
- Chalkboard Plates (Mutation)
- Complex Plates (Mutation)
- Single Color Plates

Minty is a young vabbit that chose to stay at the Temple she was discovered at. Her back legs never fully developed, and as such she had limited motion in them; she uses a modified mhoat wheelchair to help her get around without pain.

She tends to a garden in the area surrounding the temple, attempting to stave off some of the parasitic fungus with more natural plant life. She also gets along well with Mynrosian kits, and often draws pictures on her plates to entertain them or to explain flower concepts.

DTA for (https://www.mhoats.com/character/V-0049)

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