[Ink Drops] There Will Come a Poet

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[Ink Drops] There Will Come a Poet
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In DTA Kit Event 2023 ・ By Inkcess

Name: Kahlil Abd-an-Noor
Pronouns: He/Him
About: A wandering poet and scribe who settled amongst Haitham's tribe after falling in love with the ruins the clan of vabbits resides in. He has since converted one of the more intact buildings into a pseudo-library cum Museum of sorts where he's displayed various things he's found on his travels as well as stone tablets on which he's recorded his own writings, folklore he's come across, the histories of various mhoats and vabbits he's come across and so on. Kahlil's little haven of knowledge is a favorite spot for those seeking some quite time. It also displays his daughter Mayim's 'artwork'(as well as that of any kits or adults who want to put things up there). 

Entering For: Ink Drops! https://www.mhoats.com/character/V-0050

- Shaped Pupils
- Fangs Teeth
- Body Plates (M)
- Cherub Feelers (M)
- Complex Plates (M)

- Single Color Plates
- Warm Tones
- Droopy Ears (Mythic)
- Inkpot Tail (Spring Mythic)
- Liquid Filling Plates (Spring Mythic)

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