To the Grand Quest!

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To the Grand Quest!
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In Oracle Prompts ・ By PromptoBeans, Speedy

Now that Castor has found a Tote Pet thing, they can finally do the grand quest they heard about from some old person!

They were talking about a quest, getting this pet and if brought back somewhere they'd get an award!

So here they are telling this all to a Totes-a-Mhoat they caught as their now, new mount.... Although the Totes-a-Mhoat seems horrified at all of this and the free paint lessons done to it........

Submitted By PromptoBeans for The Oracle's Quest: Catch the Totes
Submitted: 4 weeks agoLast Updated: 4 weeks ago

PromptoBeans: Sketch, Lines, BG and Shading
Speedy: Colors
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