Character Masterlist

Thumbnail for M-0370: Borden
MhoatsWinter MythicOboe
Haunted House
Thumbnail for M-0279: Elliot
MhoatsSummer MythicAndie
Tropical Fisherman
Thumbnail for C-0003: Agrarius
MhoatsSummer MythicPromptoBeans
Celestial of Agriculture
Owner Name Rarity Species Title Created
Oboe M-0370: Borden Winter Mythic Mhoats Haunted House 31 October 2022, 07:33:52 CDT
Andie M-0279: Elliot Summer Mythic Mhoats Tropical Fisherman 1 June 2022, 23:21:33 CDT
PromptoBeans C-0003: Agrarius Summer Mythic Mhoats Celestial of Agriculture 9 April 2022, 09:42:05 CDT
PromptoBeans M-0112: Jade Summer Mythic Mhoats Jade Foo Dog 19 November 2020, 07:55:06 CST
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