Suddenly.. a MYO Event?!

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"...Hello? This thing on?" *loud screeching noises* "Okay, yeah, this is definitely on.

HELLO FANS EVERYWHERE! I know you've missed me terribly, but I have finally arrived here! Just flew in from another Turtonic and boy, are my friend's wings tired.. Like, really, they're exhau- wait, oh dang, the camera isn't on? Ah, so nobody will know who I am..."

Tsk tsk. "Well, there's some old bones that seem to take this spot at the start of each month, but there ain't nobody here right now! This booth is abandoned! So I'll take my spot in the spotlights- even with a lack of said lights..."

A-hem. "ANNOUNCING! The Realm of Mynros's FIRST OFFICIAL MYO EVE.. what do you mean it happened before? No, that was on a boat, wasn't it.. ANYWAY: MYO EVENT!"

Welcome to the 2023 MYO Event


Starts: January 5th 2023 - Ends: February 5th 2023

"To start off the year we wanted to hold a MYO event... is what I would say if you were actually looking at the MYO event page! Come on, the link is all glowy up there, the link is all glowy RIGHT HERE, what more do you want?"

"Just head on over to that new shiny page, and meanwhile.. I'll be informing you all of something else- since it IS the start of a new year, let me also bring to the attention these poor ol' Mhoats and Vabbits who cannot find a home right now!! It's so sad."

Flatsale: M-0259[Open]
MhoatsFall Mythic
Where's your head at?
Design: PromptoBeans, Speedy ・ Art: PromptoBeans
Price: $25


Flatsale: M-0276[Open]
Price: $30


Flatsale: M-0277[Open]
Mantis Shrimp
Price: $30


Flatsale: M-0348[Open]
Death's Head Hawkmoth
Design: Howee ・ Art: Howee
Price: $45


Flatsale: M-0350[Open]
MhoatsFall Mythic
Jacked Up Lantern
Design: PromptoBeans ・ Art: PromptoBeans
Price: $90


OTA: M-0355[Open]
MhoatsFall Mythic
Design: Shadonut ・ Art: Shadonut

Autobuy: $60
Offer Here

USD > Art > CS Items (Mhoats, Mothcats, Paralogos)

Flatsale: M-0356[Open]
MhoatsWinter Mythic
Pumpkin Patch
Design: BnG ・ Art: BnG
Price: $60


Flatsale: M-0359[Open]
MhoatsPotion Mythic
Design: Inkcess ・ Art: Inkcess
Price: $45


"I am meant to inform you that these do not include the very recent New Years Adopts 2023 set, and that this is a momentary snapshot blah blah blah let's just say if one says it's OPEN on this page, but it's actually CLOSED on the real page, that's not my problem!! Check the sales page first, before assuming they're open!!"
(Despite the insistence of the newscaster, the list seems emptier than it was previously..)

"..And thus, back to me! Yes, I am also here still, hi! I will be doing more announcements like this if I can, b.." . . . . "Oh, err, right, looks like it's time for me to head on out! Turns out some folk don't actually take kindly to peeps taking over their broadcasting system! Whoops~"

"Pap out~!"


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