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"Happy February, little mhoatlings!!! Now the Starlight Gala is almost over and I gotta say, It's been a BLAST!!! We got one more month to participate so join before it's all over!"

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"We have quite a bit to announce such as the relationships prompt, draw out your mhoats relationships and those important to them!"

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"Now we do have a new event!!! The Discord Emojis contest! You have only 2 tries. Which, once over, your emoji will end up in the discord server to be used whenever! You may use your mhoats or any of the NPCs. There is a bonus though! The most loved emoji's creator will be gifted with their choice of a seasonal mythic treat, the 2nd most loved emoji's creator will earn a mutation stone, and finally, each emoji will earn 5 caps in bonus to the natural rewards!"

Discord Emoji Event

"I'd also like to mention that there are still adopts open in the market's sale's page if you are looking for some lovely mhoats to take home. Be sure to check them out! Otherwise, take care my sweet little mhoats, and enjoy the last month of the Gala.

Sales Page

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