Spring Fest 2022

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"Hello lil' mhoatlings, I'm hoping this March will treat you well! We have quite a few updates for you all!"

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"Let us start with the fact that the Starlight Gala is now over and so is the Discord Emoji Contest! Our Winner of the Seasonal trait is PromptoBeans and the mutation stone goes to stareorini! Congratulations! I'd also like to mention that we have opened up affiliates, so be sure to check them out or have your group apply to be an affiliate!"

Affiliate Link -

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"With the note of the Starlight Gala being closed, the Spring Fest may begin!!! The Spring Fest also has a unique currency, which you can earn by participating. There are also four new traits, as shown above, alongside two cute pets and a Spring Shop! We also have a badge or a good luck charm for those who join in!"

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"Thank you, lovely lil' mhoatlings, for waiting on this News, we had a bit of a mess to clean up after the Gala~ Take care and have a good month everyone!"

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