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Major Redesign Potion

Category: Modification

A potion that completely alters a mhoat's appearance when consumed, changing a design beyond what is normally allowed when redesigning. This item may be used freely when the current owner of the design and the original creator is the same, meaning this is primarily meant for use on MYO mhoats. However, this item may also be used on a design created by an artist different from the current owner, in the following two cases:

1. Contacting the original designer to redesign the mhoat and either paying their custom price or agreeing to a trade.
- The original designer is under no obligation to accept your redesign request and if they feel they are being coerced into accepting the request they should immediately contact the mods as this is a rule break.
- The design must have the same amount or fewer mutations/mythic traits as the original. If you want to add more traits then you will need the necessary items to do so.
- Before submitting the design update request, all parts of the commission or trade should be completed.

2. If you contact the original designer and they fail to respond within 6 weeks then you may request one of the mods of Realm of Mynros draw the redesign in their stead.
- When contacting, the mod will give you a price for their services, this is the price you will have to pay in order to receive a mod-created redesign.
- Mods are only to be contacted as a secondary option and we will require you to have a screenshot showing proof of the original attempt at contact with the date and time present for both the original message and the current time the screenshot was taken.
- The only exception to this rule is when the mod you are trying to reach is, in fact, the original designer.

*These guidelines only apply to the major redesign potion and do not affect reference sheet updates, free edits, or minor redesign potion usages.


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