Rounded Face

Rounded Face (Standard)

Species: Mhoats

This face shape is common and gives the mhoat a softly rounded snout; the nose and mouth line up and don't alter the face shape in any noticeable way.

Stubby Face

Stubby Face (Standard)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this face type tend to have a wide but short snout that at times can appear squished compared to other mhoats. This nose type doesn't cause any major impairment, but mhoats with this nose type do seem to have a weaker sense of smell.

Pointed Face

Pointed Face (Standard)

Species: Mhoats

This face shape gives the mhoat a slightly pointed and narrowed snout that can protrude slightly past where the mouth ends.

Square Face

Square Face (Standard)

Species: Mhoats

This face type gives mhoats a blocky snout that appears more angular in profile and at times can exaggerate the proportions between nose and chin.

Bat Face

Bat Face (Standard)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this face shape can be merged with the other face shape types, but they always have an additional shaped flap on their nose that resembles various types of bats.

Beaky Face

Beaky Face (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

This face shape can either alter the mhoat's face slightly by giving them a little pointy beak at front of the mouth or it can affect the entire snout to resemble a bird's beak. In both cases, the front of the mouth often tends to be more rigid than the rest of the mouth similar to the point of a beak.

Draft Face

Draft Face (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this face shape don't have a distinct separation between their crown and nose, which means mhoats with this trait tend to have a round and blocky face. On aquatics, this face shape can be further exaggerated to allow for a beluga-like hump to form on the aquatic's forehead.

Alien Face

Alien Face (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this face shape have noses that taper down close to the mouth making the snout appear somewhat pointy and in turn, this can make the break between nose and forehead appear slightly more exaggerated and alien-like.

Lich Face

Lich Face (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

This trait causes a mhoat's face to appear either partially or fully skeletal, the example shown for the trait is on the minimal side of the spectrum for this trait.  Any part of the skeleton that shows an internal part of the mhoat, like in the example should be made of the goo colors, which means at its most extreme this can make the entire face appear as a goo-colored skull.

Mouth Variations

Mouth Variations (Standard)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoat mouths may have any variation and still remain standard so long as it doesn't affect the overall face shape. The main exception to this is when the mouth appears beak-like, at which point we would require the beaky face trait to be used.

Goblin Face

Goblin Face (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

This trait extends the nose on a mhoat's face so it resembles a goblin shark. In turn, it also affects the jaw, meaning a mhoat with this trait can extend their jaw forward when taking a bite.

Pharoah Face

Pharoah Face (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this face shape tend to have an extended chin; it is possible for a small tuft of longer hair to grow at the tip of this chin.

Gar Face

Gar Face (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats (Aquatic subtype)

Aquatics with this face shape tend to have a long narrow snout and when paired with crocodile teeth it can resemble creatures like gharials or spinosaurus.

Korb Face

Korb Face (Fall Mythic)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats have an extremely short snout and a mouth that is unable to close with the interior lined in rows of teeth. This trait allows them to eat things much larger than themselves, anything caught in their hold seeming to condense down into a consumable size due to some magic.

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