Goo Growths

Goo Growths (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this trait have weakened plating where small holes form and the goo pushes through forming into little spheres or extending into long narrow tubes that resemble little worms or mushrooms.

Balloon Animal Goo

Balloon Animal Goo (Summer Mythic)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this goo form strange, puffy-shaped goo that resembles the sectioned shapes seen on balloon animals. This goo even makes a muted squeaky sound whenever the mhoat walks due to the body making contact with the ground or the limbs rubbing against the body.

Greenhouse Goo

Greenhouse Goo (Spring Mythic)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this trait have a hollow body that is surrounded by goo resembling panes of glass. Inside, these mhoats accumulate earth and plant matter that can resemble different biomes or be a general mix of plants.

Alternate Types
  • Greenhouse Plates (Spring Mythic)
    Species: Vabbits

    Vabbits with this trait form glass-like plates and the inside of their arms are filled with various types of earth and plant matter. These spaces can resemble various biomes or even be a mix of plants.

Wrapping Paper Goo

Wrapping Paper Goo (Winter Mythic)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this trait form extra thick layers of silk that resemble wrapping paper and while the colors always remain the same it appears that the pattern of the silk is always changing. When the silk is removed to be used, the mhoat's goo resembles colors seen on cardboard tubes until the next layer of silk forms. The section of goo that resembles cardboard tubing is able to override Neutral Goo and Grayscale Goo colors.

Floral Goo

Floral Goo (Spring Mythic)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this trait can have various types of plant life suspended in their goo and these plants don't adhere to the color restrictions present for goo as they are not part of the goo itself.

Goo Lights

Goo Lights (Winter Mythic)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this trait appear to have an empty section of their body filled with strings of little twinkling lights, and these lights are not confined to goo color restrictions so may be any color or combination of colors. Meanwhile, the glass-like goo that surrounds the 'empty section' is held to the usual color restrictions despite its unique transparency.

Jelly-filled Goo can counteract the see-through effect present on goo lights, as it will fill the container either partially or completely. The goo filling may be any level of transparency, which is up to the artist.

Goo Patch

Goo Patch (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

Goo Patch is a trait where the goo placement doesn't fall within the accepted minimum or maximum for mhoat goo. This can affect small sections of the body or cause the majority of the mhoat to lack a shell, but some part of the shell is still always present. Areas where goo patches are present can allow for additional retractable limbs beyond what is standard and may affect traits such as wings and tails.

* This trait is similar to Zombie Plates, but the shell edges on Goo Patch are smooth rather than broken and the patch placements don't change.

Spectral Plants

Spectral Plants (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

Spectral plants only form on sections of the body that have goo present, they can be extended to other areas when paired with traits such as goo patch or goo growths.


Shell-less (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

This trait causes mhoats to lack the plating that normally covers the body, mhoats with this trait are less protected from the natural elements than their fellows. When this trait occurs in aquatics specifically, they tend to stick to shallow waters or live primarily in aquatic settlements, since their plating is normally protection against the water pressure of deeper waters.

Aquatic mhoats with the Shell-less trait by default will have the No Vents trait.

This trait grants Goo Mane as a free mutation and mhoats with this trait are not able to have Faux Horn traits as there is no plating present on the body.

Gradient Goo

Gradient Goo (Standard)

Species: Mhoats

This trait causes the goo to have a gradient in either a single area or in multiple areas. Although it doesn't seem to affect a mhoat's eye color. If you'd like to have a gradient in their eyes they'd have the Fade Eyes trait instead.

These gradients appear in Single Tone Goo, Double Tones and can even appear with Triad Goo! As long as the associated traits are applied correctly.

Any gradients that are present on the mhoat's body are counted by the color that begins the gradient and the one that ends the gradient. If you decide to blend two completely different colors, any middle tone that would naturally occur between them, would not cause it to shift into triad.

Jelly-filled Goo

Jelly-filled Goo (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this goo type appear to have a second color of goo filling the insides of their bodies, this can be present over their entire body or only in sections. If done in sections, these can be shaped to resemble simple objects like stars, hearts, and other small recognizable shapes.

This trait is not required in mhoats with visible innards, such as skeletons, muscles, and organs, as these are the existing internal structures of a mhoat that happen to have a unique color.

Gutted Goo

Gutted Goo (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this trait have shaped goo around their chest and stomach that can make them appear to be cut open with their ribs displayed and additional goo hanging from the body. This is merely a visual detail and mhoats with this trait still have all of their internal organs beneath the area where the trait displays.

Goo Textures

Goo Textures (Standard)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoat goo comes in multiple visual textures, all the ones shown here are standard.

Water Goo

Water Goo (Summer Mythic)

Species: Mhoats

Water goo functions like water and can have small white accents that mimic seafoam, little fish of any type can be seen swimming in and out of the goo.

Aether Aspect

Aether Aspect (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

This mutation affects the goo and extremities, causing vapors that float away from the body before disappearing. This trait causes the extremities of the mhoat's body to be less solid, which means that someone could potentially run a hand through sections of the body affected by this trait.

Color Shift Goo

Color Shift Goo (Mutation)

Species: Mhoats

This goo type shifts color during different circumstances, the most common are when the goo overlaps something or a temperature change through something like touch or from the general surroundings. This trait can affect either all of the goo or only part of it. This color shift can be a single color, a gradient, or even reveal hidden markings in the goo, it's a highly varied trait with a lot of room for creativity.

*When the goo shift is due to objects being behind the goo, sections like the ears and eyes will not shift color as they are backed by plating or the rest of the mhoat's skull.

Decorative Goo

Decorative Goo (Standard)

Species: Mhoats

This trait allows mhoats to have different types of shaped goo form along the parts of the body lacking plates. This can be either small details like little shaped extensions from the leg or as large as altering the shapes of the front legs in noticeable ways, but the legs will still always appear leg-like.

Markings Goo

Markings Goo (Standard)

Species: Mhoats

Mhoats with this trait display a wide variety of markings on their body that are either similar colors to the base goo color or can display a variety of colors so long as they follow the color guidelines for the species.

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