Conjoined Twin

Conjoined Twin (Potion Mythic)

Category: Mhoat Body
Species: Mhoats

Mhoats whose bodies are fused together; they may separate into individual mhoats for short periods of time. They will lack a shell at the points they were fused and often need to compensate for missing goo and internal structures by shifting their limbs inward and using the additional mass to balance their form. Each twin can have its own individual traits and goo colors, but these colors may not bleed into one another.

An example of how these conjoined twins might separate means one twin or the other would be missing some spinal structure, so to compensate, they would need to shift their limb inward so it can transform and make up for the parts of their body that are missing. Additionally, since they share a tail only one mhoat would have the tail, the other would be tailless.

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