Cracked Plates

Cracked Plates (Fall Mythic)

Category: Vabbit Plates
Species: Vabbits

This trait causes a vabbit to lack the connective tissue that feeds its plates and joins the plates to the skin and muscle beneath. As a result, their plates tend to be much weaker and over time crack and flake away showing the muscle and sometimes even internal organs below should the trait compromise the vabbit's skeleton in areas such as the face. Given that parts of their internal body are open to the air, most vabbits with this trait refuse to use their vents to release steam as it increases the failure of their plates and can cause damage to the unprotected parts of their body. The plating can either be cracked in static sections or change over time, it is up to the owner how they wish to depict this trait on their vabbit.


*Any internal part of the vabbit shown must be similar in color to the plates as the plates and internal flesh of a vabbit share the same color. If you wish to use a unique color for the inner flesh of a vabbit then you would need to have the associated color trait (single, double triple) or tone trait (warm or cool) that is required for the plates.

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