Leviathan (Potion Mythic)

Category: Vabbit Body
Species: Vabbits

This trait totally transforms the appearance of a vabbit to the point that plating covers the entirety of its body and they take on more aquatic traits that are rarely seen on the species. Despite their aquatic appearance, these vabbits actually do not dwell in the water, instead, they gain an affinity for electricity that becomes present in glowing eyes that give off sparks as well as glowing sections on their modified ears, claws, and the webbing present on their back feet. They can resemble a variety of aquatic creatures such as sharks, dolphins, lobsters, crabs, and so on but all of these will have a much more mechanical and plated appearance than their natural counterparts.

*Vabbits with this trait lose their ability to learn earth elemental magic but instead can learn air elemental magics and by extension access lightning elemental magic which is an advanced branch of the elemental tree.

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