[Gift] my voice?!

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[Gift] my voice?!
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In Oracle Prompts ・ By Fulgarite, Bio-zuzu

Lilith heard the Oracle talk about their new prank magic items and was able to grab a packet of gum. Being unsure what it does thought she would find someone on her way home to try it on. Sucrose happened to pass by just at that moment. happily offering a piece of gum Lilith started up a normal conversation with them, asking about their day and if they were doign any gardening and what not. Sucrose eagerly took the gum and started chewing as they talked. Shortly after putting it in their mouth their voice started changing, getting higher pitched and squeeky. Lilith couldn't contain themself and started laughing hard. She simply can't wait to try it on others! 

Submitted By Bio-zuzu for The Oracle's Quest: Pranking Products
Submitted: 3 months agoLast Updated: 3 months ago

Fulgarite: lines, shading
Bio-zuzu: sketch, color
BnG: Gift For
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