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As you enter the shop, you notice the exotic items on the shelves, but find no shopkeeper to sell them.. A creak catches your attention, and as you look over to where it originated from, you notice a tent standing within the store. Though you question yourself how you missed that as you entered the shop, you quickly decide to investigate. You come nearer, and push away the opening flap to reveal a small table inside, with a curious board on it's surface and books behind it that you do not recognize the language of.

You approach the table, reaching out for the board, when you find yourself.. grasping a sheet of sorts? You blink, and notice an old Mhoat in curious robes standing next to you, and the sheet you have in your grasp is still in theirs, as well. They let go, and walk around the table, sitting down on the other side.

"Welcome." The Mhoat states- it sounded as if spoken normally, yet the force of volume it carried seemed like it bellowed out from speakers. "Please fill in your form, so we may proceed." The Mhoat gestures to a quill and ink on the table, that you swore were not there a moment prior. Form, though? You look at the sheet in your hands, and.. it seems to be some sort of information form.. for.. a character of a tabletop RPG?

Welcome to Timeless Explorers

To begin your venture into the realm of role-playing and dice-throwing, you will be required to fill in your Character Sheet. But before we get to that, allow us to explain a little more about the Timeless Explorers event.

Starting a Campaign

The first point is always 'event character creation', everyone will be given limited options of class, clothing, weapons and base stats.

You cannot create another 'TE character' while you already have a campaign running. Every user must finish the entire campaign before starting another.

There are of course exceptions to this- a user could potentially abandon a campaign, provided they have very strong reasoning behind this. For example, their collab partner ditched them and they now feel iffy about the campaign, or they intend to trade away their character and they have not been active in the campaign for at least a month. (In the case of trading away the character, the campaign is forced to an end either way.)

A character used as player for the 'TE character' must be one of the user's own characters or they may borrow another user's character, provided we're given explicit permission from the user owning them.

Of course, Doodle may be used as character, even if they are already in a campaign.

Any art done for a campaign run with another user's character will of course count as gift art. If the user who owns the character trades them away, the campaign is forced to end, with the sole exception being if the receiving user is the person borrowing the character.

Please note there will be repercussions for trading away a character with the explicit intent of ending a campaign early.

Regarding Collaboration

This event can be run either solo or as a duo, but a collaboration can not be more than two people. While story elements (depending on your choice) may have you end up joining an "NPC" party, it would get overwhelming for poor Polybios the Wizard to keep track of too many characters otherwise.

Working together with a partner may be fun, but it will also have you end up with somewhat tougher challenges than if you go through it solo, as all challenge rolls will be doubled from their base.

It highly depends on the situation whether having a partner can make it easier, as it's also very likely to make it more difficult. It is even possible to end up in a solo campaign state, though choices leading to this will have a warning saying that will be the case.

If you are unable to continue with your partner for whatever reason, you are also allowed to choose to split up, of course. This does not require the approval of your collab partner, though we do hope you will discuss this choice ahead of time. If you split up, both parties will be notified.

Please note that you can not start collaborating in the middle of a campaign. Once it's started, that is the campaign you will be going with.

So long story short, you can only start off a campaign as duo and end as either a duo or two solo campaigns. You can not start off as two solo campaigns and end a campaign as a duo- you will in that case always end as two solo campaigns.

Automatic Knockout

If a character somehow ends up with a 0 on a stat, they will basically be knocked out. It doesn't matter which stat- lorewise there's always a reason. DEX? They strained their muscles too much and collapse exhausted. STR? They become too weak to even keep themselves up. INT? They become too unfocused to stay awake. CHA? They are so embarrassed they fainted in shame. And so on.

This is a very unlikely outcome for solo campaigns, unless someone is deliberately min-maxing very badly.. This will likely be more common in co-op campaigns, as the rolls are harder.

If this happens in a solo campaign, the character will end up in a failure condition and may be thrown into a different campaign. (Someone found them and dragged them to perceived safety.. or maybe a creature dragged them off for later lunch.) They will wake up the next part regardless. In a co-op campaign, the character will be a burden to the partner, and they need to wake up- a d6 will be rolled for them, 1-3 is a failure and 4-6 is a success.

When they wake up, all temporary penalties and boosts are removed, regardless of remaining duration. Depending on the situation, some permanent penalties or boosts may also be removed.

For co-op, the partner will also have to make the choice, will they continue with their knocked out friend, making the campaign more difficult (and perhaps hilarious depending on the situation)... or will they leave them behind, causing it to turn into two solo campaigns, and probably a crack in the players' relationship?..

Now as for the information for the Character Sheet.

ID # is meant to be your character's code from the character masterlist (ex. M-0248, M-0069, V-0008, etc.), acting as the unique identifier for your character.
Your character can name their roleplay character whatever they like, assuming common decency of course, and that name will be filled into the Name slot.

Finally, the section on the left is kept open for an image of your character's character. At minimum, this is intended to be a flatcolored halfbody and it must resemble your actual character.

As for the rest of the sheet, here is the relevant information:

Base Stats

Just like many TTRPG systems, your TE characters will have the following six stats:

  • STR, for Strength
  • DEX, for Dexterity
  • CON, for Constitution
  • WIS, for Wisdom
  • INT, for Intelligence
  • CHA, for Charisma

Unlike many TTRPG systems, there's no sub perks or even HP or MP- each roll will be purely based off of these stats, and a failure roll will just have a different outcome.

Each base stat is basically just "10" for neutral, which is a modifier of +0. Users must add 4 points total to their stats, but they must also remove 4 points.

A stat that has a point removed cannot also have a point added- you cannot balance out your negative points with positive points.
There will be no characters that are 10 points on all six stats.

The above of course solely applies to spreading out your base points. Equipment is unrelated to this, as are stat buffs and nerfs that may occur during the campaign itself.

On Stat changing effects:
Depending on the successes or failures during the campaign, a TE character could end up getting a penalty or a boost to a stat. These will be very situational, and will either expire after some time or are permanent throughout the campaign depending on the effect.

Classes, Weapons and Clothing

Below you will find the classes, weapons and clothing you will be allowed to pick from. You may freely select one class, one weapon and one clothing from the choices below, regardless of their associated stat.

Stat Class Weapon Clothing
STR Fighter Sword Chainmail
DEX Brawler Bindings/Gloves Loose Clothing
CON Defender Tower Shield Armor Plating
WIS Healer Staff Fanny Pack
INT Caster Book Cloak
CHA Minstrel Instrument Fancy Clothes

For the selected class, weapon and clothing the stat tied to each gets a solid +2 points per selection.

Note that none of the equipment has a specific look, it's more a suggestion. You'll have more creative freedom in your character design, though the above words are what you should write on your character sheet.


For rolls, we're using a modifier system like other TTRPG system. For every two stat points, the modifier changes.

A modifier effectively makes rolls easier. For example, imagine you need to roll 10 to pass a challenge. You roll 8. But your modifier is at +2? Then you have actually rolled 10 and pass the challenge.

On the other side, a negative modifier does the opposite. If you need to roll 10 to pass a challenge, and you DO roll 10.. but your modifier is -2? You have actually rolled 8 and failed the challenge.

The calculation for modifiers, if we're going by purely base stats, gives us the following outcomes:

  • Stat of 6-7 = -2 modifier
  • Stat of 8-9 = -1 modifier
  • Stat of 10 = +0 modifier
  • Stat of 11-12 = +1 modifier
  • Stat of 13-14 = +2 modifier
  • Stat of 15-16 = +3 modifier
  • Stat of 17-18 = +4 modifier
  • Stat of 19-20 = +5 modifier

Of course, considering that stats can change from class, clothing, weapons and potential stat changing effects, this is not the entire list, but this is the gist of it.

Oh, and do note- rolls will be entirely done on the administration side, so you are not required to have a set of dice ready.

We have prepared for you both a Character Sheet with explanation and an Example Character Sheet. We hope this helps.

As always, if you have questions, you're welcome to ask them over on Discord server or submit a claim (simply write "TE question" as your URL).

Okay, what next?

Assuming you've filled in your character sheet? You go over to the Timeless Explorers gallery and upload it.

Then, you go to the Timeless Explorers prompt and follow the instructions there.

Once your prompt submission is approved, you'll find the continuation of the story in the staff comments for that submission, and you carry on from there.