Earning Caps

Created: 22 January 2021, 15:00:26 CST
Last updated: 5 July 2021, 10:52:22 CDT

Art Currency Values

Important Modifiers


➣ Collaborations earn full value for every artist involved in the creation of an image.

➣ Gift art of any kind earns the creator of the image the full value for their work and the giftee earns half that value as well.

➣ Commissioned art, even when bought with site currency, earns full value for both the creator of the image and the one who purchased the art.

➣ `Your Character Here’ commission types may only earn full value for the artist on first use; those buying slots for this type of commission may only claim full values on the first purchase of a slot.

➣ Free/Pay to use bases function similarly to YCHs, full value for the art may only be claimed for one use of the base.


✶ When calculating the value of a piece for a giftee any value less than a whole number will be rounded up.

Ex. A shaded halfbody piece with a complex background valued at 7 caps would be halved for the one receiving the gift art. That 3.5 value would be rounded up to 4 caps earned by the giftee.


General Art Values


[Example of what qualifies as a headshot, halfbody, fullbody]


Headshot, Halfbody, Fullbody - 1/2/3 Caps

Lines - 2/3/4 Caps

Flats - 3/4/5 Caps

Shading - 4/5/6 Caps


➣ Sketches earn the full value for every category they fulfill, but they will skip the added value gained from lines.

➣ Monochrome or limited color palettes will be rewarded the cap values granted from flats; single base colors do not qualify for the additional caps gained from flats.

➣ Shading must be noticeably darker than the base colors and affect the entire figure to earn those cap values.


✶ Compilations of numerous pieces into one image will earn the value for each piece in the set; so, a sketch page or reference sheet would earn caps for each individual instance of a character.



Simple - 1 Cap | Single color, gradient, pattern, and single plane landscape backgrounds

Complex - 2 Caps | Any background with multiple unique elements and a sense of depth


[Include an example of what counts as simple versus complex background]



Extra Mhoat - 1 Cap | This is granted per mhoat and has no reward limit

Gift Art - 1 Cap | Only rewarded once for an image


➣ The gift art bonus is only granted when a mhoat that is not owned by you or any collab participants is included in a piece. It’s a bonus that can’t be applied to commissions or ych slots!



The first panel of a comic earns the full value for that image and then any panel following will provide a small boost to the final cap value.


Repeat Panels - 1 Cap | Panels that are similar to a previous panel often with minor edits

Unique Panels - 2 Caps | A panel with few repeating elements from other panels



Written entries are rewarded caps based upon the length of the writing, word count must be provided when making a submission!


1 Cap/500 Words