Mhoat FAQ

How can I acquire a mhoat?

There are several methods to acquire a mhoat;

  1. Mhoat designs may be purchased from official artists through either existing adopt sets or customs. All currently available designs can be found on the Sales page and customs can be requested from the official artists directly.

  2. Free raffles or draw-to-adopts are held where users can win a mhoat design through participation.

  3. Using the site currency, which is earned through participation on the site (creating and submitting art, completing prompts, etc.) a user can purchase an MYO slot through the General Shop. Additionally, sometimes MYO slots are available to purchase with USD during myo slot openings held either on-site or through the mhoat discord.

  4. Trade, resale, or voucher of an existing mhoat from a current owner. These trades can be found in the trade channel on Discord or by searching the Character Masterlist for mhoats marked up for trade.

How do I earn Caps?

Caps are the official group currency that users earn through participation in the group. Caps can be earned by submitting any art or writing through the prompts page, which is then counted by the mods according to preestablished guidelines seen on the Earning Caps page.

How do I earn Seasonal Currencies?

Seasonal currencies are cycled in and out each season, during these three-month periods there will be prompts available that will grant these special currencies. These currencies are; False Sprouts for spring, Saltie Shells for summer, Fungeist Flowers for fall, and Frosty Berries for winter. These currencies, like Caps, can be used in their corresponding seasonal shops to purchase unique pets, trait granting items, and other items available in the general store but at a reduced price given the limited time period these currencies can be earned.

I don't own a mhoat, how do I draw art to earn caps without one?

There are two options if you don't own a mhoat of your own but still wish to earn caps or seasonal currencies until you have your own:

  1. You may draw any of the mhoat npcs listed on the masterlist, each of them has the NPC trait applied to them or you can follow this link to easily navigate to the mhoats available to be drawn.
  2. Mhoat owned by other users may be drawn so long as they are listed as accepting gift art or if you ask the user directly to draw the mhoat. To find mhoats already listed as available for gift art follow this link.

How do I submit my art/writing to earn group currency?

You can submit your art/writing to be granted group currency by visiting the Gallery page. From there, you will have to pick the appropriate gallery to submit your art piece to, at which point it will be approved and currency will be granted according to the guidelines on the Earning Caps page.

Any pieces not submitted to the gallery can still have currency claimed by visiting the Submissions page and submitting through the off-site cap rewards option.

I’ve purchased a Make Your Own (MYO) Slot, how do I turn it into a mhoat?

Once you have purchased a MYO item from the shops you will be able to convert the item into a MYO slot from your inventory. Simply click on the item and select the 'Use Slot' option on the pop-up window. Once done, you should then have a new MYO slot and can design a mhoat! All MYO slots start at standard rarity, any mutation or mythic rarity traits require the use of modification items during the submission process. Meanwhile, slots purchased using USD will be created by the mods directly when the slot is paid for.

To make the design official you will need to go to your MYO Slots and select the slot you wish to use. On the slots page, there will be an option on the menu to the left under settings that says ‘Submit MYO Design’, here you will submit the design along with any item add-ons that grant addition traits and all the traits used on the design before submitting. Once you are done, a mod will review the design and either approve or request edits to be made.

What edits can I make to a mhoat design and when do I need to update the masterlist?

Minor edits to a mhoat’s design such as hairstyle, body type,  clothing, accessories, and reference updates don’t require the masterlist to be updated. However, you may request an update to a mhoat’s reference image so long as it’s a flat-colored full body with a transparent background.

Edits that require a masterlist update also require the use of a minor redesign potion. Colors, marking, and trait changes will also require a flat-colored full body with a transparent background to be added to the masterlist. When you wish to make an edit that requires the masterlist to be updated, you should find your character’s masterlist entry, and on the left side under settings, you will find an option labeled ‘Update Design’. This form works much like MYO Designs submission does with submitting a design, adding on items, and listing traits. Once done, a mod will review the new design and either approve or request edits to be made.

*Masterlist image updates, free edits, trait additions, and minor redesign potion redesigns do not require the original artist to be contacted or commissioned for art, this is something exclusively required when using a major redesign potion. Further info on the major redesign potion can be found below.

When do I need an add-on item for a mhoat design?

When designing or redesigning a mhoat, an add-on item is only needed when adding a new trait above the standard rarity. For example, a mhoat with 2 mutation traits and 1 mythic trait can have these traits swapped freely so long as the design keeps 2 mutations and 1 mythic in the final design. However, if any traits are added beyond that point a modification item would be needed. A mutation stone for mythic traits or seasonal food items for mythic seasonal traits. 

When is a Major Redesign Potion needed?

A major redesign potion is needed when a mhoat design is being pushed beyond the point where the original design is recognizable. Usually, these are judged on a case-by-case basis, but a general rule to follow is to split the design into three aspects; color, markings, and traits. If altering any of these categories in a significant way you will be required to use a minor redesign potion for changing one aspect, two minor redesign potions to change two aspects, and a major redesign potion to completely alter the design beyond recognition. For further details on the limits of using a major redesign potion, please check the item description listed here.

If you are uncertain whether a redesign potion is needed, you may ask in the question and answers section of the discord or submit the design update request and wait for mod feedback.

How often can a mhoat be redesigned?

For redesigns requiring a potion to be used, we have a 3 month cooldown from the time the design is updated until you may use a redesign potion on the mhoat again. During this time you may still add new traits and make minor masterlist updates to the design but no alterations that require a redesign potion will be accepted.

I've acquired a mhoat that was previously redesigned, can I request the design be reverted to a previous design?

Yes, you can absolutely request a mhoat be reverted to a previous design, to do so you only have to submit the "Masterlist Updates' prompt in the submissions section of the site. Reverting a mhoat to a previous design is entirely free and requires no items to be used. If the masterlist entry doesn't have the images (you can check this by going to the entry and clicking 'images' on the left-hand side of the page), then you will have to provide the image yourself through a design update submission along with proof of the design having been official at one point.

When designing a MYO pet, what limitations are there to the designs?

For MYO pets you are by default allowed the freedom to alter the color and marking from the base pet as you see fit since they are meant to be a unique version of an existing pet. Beyond this, you are given 1 major alteration and 2 minor alterations that you can make to the pet. Major alterations would be a large change to the design such as altering the breed of animal (making a foxylotl into a wolf or breed of dog), limb alterations (head, legs, tail, etc.), or removing aspects of the design while maintaining the general appearance of the pet. Meanwhile, a minor alteration would be changing smaller aspects of the design such as adding details such as floating objects, antennae, etc., or altering existing details like vents, ears, and such.

What edits can I make to custom pets?

Custom pets can be edited similar to mhoat designs, you will just need to purchase a groomer's kit from the pet shop to allow edits to be made. When editing you are held to the same limitations as when creating the MYO slot, to begin with, so read above to refresh yourself on what is or isn't allowed with pet designs. The Groomer's Kit does not allow you to change the subspecies of the custom pet, to do that you would need the pet swap orb.

When trading a mhoat, what happens to pets connected to them?

Pets don’t need to be traded alongside the mhoat they are attached to, but if you don’t remove them from your mhoat’s inventory they will be sent during the trade. For custom pets, you’ll need to request the connected mhoat be changed to another by an admin on their masterlist entry. You can request this change through the masterlist update prompt on-site.

Why is x information not listed on-site, or why do these items/traits not have descriptions?

Realm of Mynros, unfortunately, has a very small mod team formed of two people and a tech mod who primarily maintains the site through updates or bug fixes. Additionally, we are all adults who have lives outside of the work we do to add to this site and build up information for users. So, this means we often have to balance the addition of new content with filling in old information where it is needed which does leave some areas where information may be limited or confusing. When you run into this, you can always let us know in the discord by asking about it in the question and answers channel, but keep in mind that an answer to a question will not always correlate to an immediate update of said information on-site.