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Timeless Explorers

This submission option is for all pieces related to the Timeless Explorers repeatable activity!


Welcome to Timeless Explorers! If you're here, we're assuming you've seen the tent inside the shop. If not, consider this the optimal chance to do so.

For the every submission, please link your gallery submission in the URL and add your character.
Aside from the very first submission, the character sheet, please add in the comments what choice you are making- the choices you can make are given in the staff comments on each submission.

If you're collabing with a partner, please make sure to add both characters to the prompt submission and mention your partner's username. They will also be required to make their own prompt submission.
Be sure to talk your choices through- as a duo you're meant to effectively make the same choices, and thus if there are different choices we will take this as a sign you intend to split up.

This submission option is for all pieces related to the Timeless Explorers repeatable activity!


  1. All participants in the creation of a piece must make an individual submission to earn rewards!
  2. For Timeless Explorers, we will only accept submissions of which the piece is uploaded to the Timeless Explorers gallery.
  3. When making a submission, all characters included in the piece should be listed with the "Add Character" option by adding their code from the character masterlist (ex. M-0248, M-0069, V-0008, etc.)
  4. You do not need to manually add rewards to your claim, they will be granted automatically as a part of the prompt rewards.
  5. The minimum requirement for the activity differs depending on what part of the activity you are on. Make sure to read the staff comments on your last submission through.
    For the character sheet, we require at minimum a flat-colored halfbody to be added to the character sheet, as well as all relevant information to be filled in.
  6. Please note that writing is also allowed for this event, despite the focus on artwork. There will be a minimum word requirement on each activity.
    For the character sheet, you are allowed to describe the character in text, but you are also allowed to ask someone else to draw an image for you- your collab partner, for example.
  7. For collaborations, it is ALSO allowed that one partner does the art and the other does writing. However, both must match the requirements and need to be on a single gallery submission.
  8. Finally, please note that due to the nature of this event that your submissions may take a bit longer to be accepted. Our apologies in advance.


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