MYO Guide

Acquiring a MYO Slot

There are two primary ways to get a MYO slot, the first is through participating in RoM and drawing other people's characters to earn the group currency. Once you have earned enough currency you can purchase a MYO item found in the various shops on-site.

MYO Item Locations

General Shop - Land Mhoat, Aquatic Mhoat, and Vabbit MYO items
Pet Shop - Pet MYO items
First Light Festival Shop - Aquatic Mhoat MYO Items

The other method to purchase a MYO slot is through USD purchase which can be acquired by contacting Numiauri directly through discord (Numiauri#1654). Once purchased, the slot will be created on-site with all associated traits listed.

All prices for MYO Slots purchased for USD can be found on the OA Customs page.

Using MYO Items

Unlike purchased slots, the MYO items purchased on-site must be turned into a MYO slot by the user. To do so, you'll need to go to your Inventory. From there, you can convert it by using the item.

  1. Click on the item
  2. Click the checkbox found below the description
  3. Click the 'Use Item' dropdown and then proceed to use the item

Once this process is completed you should have a new myo slot which can be found under My MYO Slots. If your MYO slot doesn't appear then please fill out the MYO Slot Claim Prompt Submission to let us know and we will take a look.

*'Inventory' and 'My MYO Slots' pages can be navigated from the Home dropdown from the site menu, but links have been included for convenient navigation.

Designing the MYO

When it comes to designing a new character it's helpful to have a bit of knowledge of the species as well as a good reference to traits. Below you will find links to species info pages for both mhoats and vabbits, as well as, trait categories and visual index for all traits for both species.

Mhoat Species Info
Vabbit Species Info
Pet Info

Trait Categories
*Trait Categories list what traits are mandatory and which are optional for the specific species the categories apply to. If traits apply to a specific subspecies they will be listed in that category or in shared categories, on the trait itself.

Mhoat Visual Trait Index
Vabbit Visual Trait Index
*Visual Trait indexes are great for quick referencing the different traits, but be sure to read the description visible when clicking on the trait itself as some traits may have specific visual requirements.

Once you have read over the specific information and have a good understanding of what is required for the MYO slot and have picked out traits, then it's time to sketch the design. For the masterlist, you will need a fullbody image of the design with flat colors. Images with shading or that have a watermark will not be accepted as this obscures the design and makes it less useful as a reference for users who may wish to draw the future character.

Please pay attention to information related to a mhoat's goo or a vabbit's plates. There are specific color rules that apply to both species and if your design falls outside of the guidelines for either species then you will be asked to make corrections during the submission process.

*Certain traits such as Color-Shifting Goo or Werewolf Transformation and certain subspecies such as Kelpies and Sirens require that the Masterlist Entry have two full bodies, showing how the trait changes in certain circumstances or the two individual forms on the mhoat.

Submitting the MYO

The final step of the process to make a character official is to submit the design, once the art is completed it's time to go to the specific MYO slot you would like to turn into a character. You can find all your existing slots by going to (My MYO Slots) and clicking on the specific slot you would like to work on.

  1. On the page of the MYO slot you'd like to submit the design for, you will find an option on the menu to the left of "Submit MYO Design." Click this link.
  2. On the next page click "Create Request".
  3. From here you will need to fill out each tab of the submission before you can submit.
  4. Starting with the "Comments" tab, you can leave this page blank or include relevant notes after which you will need to click "Save" to finalize the tab.
  5. Next is the "Masterlist Image" tab, this is where you will upload the image for the character you have designed. You will also need to mark down the designer (person who created the design) and artist (whoever the artist of the current reference is) before clicking "Save" to finalize the tab.
  6. The "Add-ons" tab is very important, all MYO slots come with standard traits. So, if you have any mutations, seasonal mythics, etc. present you will need the associated items added to this tab for the design to be processed properly. Once the items are added or should you not require any add-ons click "Save" to finalize this section of the form.
  7. The final tab focuses on "Traits", this is where you will mark the character's rarity (the highest rarity trait present on the design) and add a custom title should you wish to do so. Beyond this, you will want to add a list of all the traits present in the design. When doing this we suggest checking existing masterlist entries or referencing the trait categories to make sure you are listing all required traits for a design. Once finished, click "Save" to finalize this tab.
  8. Once all tabs are filled return to the "Status" tab and click "Submit Request", at which point your design will be entered into a queue where the mods will process and either approve or return the design with notes needed fixes.

With all the above steps completed you are one step closer to owning a new character, congratulations!