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Spring Fest 2022

Spring Fest 2022

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The winter snows melt away as turtonics migrate towards more temperate waters, the first blooms of spring cover the islands in a spectrum of colors. It's a time of new growth and mhoats are eager to leave their homes after the solitude of winter.


"The winter snows melt away as turtonics migrate towards more temperate waters, the first blooms of spring cover the islands in a spectrum of colors. It's a time of new growth and mhoats are eager to leave their homes after the solitude of winter. The turn of seasons marks the reopening of the various bazaars and markets across the islands; many business mhoats organizing a grand festival to mark this occasion. Timed for when the first flowering trees begin to drop their petals, this is a time for enjoying the beauty of nature and reconnecting with friends. Others take advantage of their winter crafting hobbies to join the various markets and earn some well-earned caps for all their hard work or make trips to their local temples to leave their hopes and wishes for the coming year. Beyond these activities, many mhoats trek out into nature or return to their fields to begin planting for the new growing seasons; even those lacking a green thumb can find simple gardening activities to take part in as a means to help the various farming mhoats across the islands."
Below are some of the activities you can take part in for this seasonal event!
Cherry Blossom Viewing
The first flowers begin to shed their petals as the weather turns mild, and many mhoats flock to the numerous natural areas across the islands to enjoy the beauty of nature. It is common for mhoats to use this reoccurring event as a means to gather together and reunite with those they hold dear, often putting together picnics or organizing activities in the places where these flowers fall. Other mhoats choose to find a quiet place and enjoy the tranquility that comes from watching nature without outside interruptions. For this activity, show how your mhoat chooses to enjoy the falling flower petals.
Spring Bazaars
Many mhoats spent their winter months on various crafts meant to while away the hours hiding away from the weather. With spring upon them, many mhoats find they have an excess of items they may want to clear from their homes, and with the various markets opening across the islands they have the perfect opportunity to do just this. Will your mhoat be one of the shoppers looking for some new items to wear, decorate their home, or even tools to help with outside projects? Or, are they the enterprising sort who spent the cold season creating various items that they now wish to sell to their fellow mhoats?
Written Wishes
It's a tradition during this time of year for mhoats to visit the various temples spread across the islands. Here, they can write down their hopes or wishes for the coming season or throughout the year and leave these slips of paper in little drawers where they can be picked up by others visiting and leaving their own wishes. For mhoats who struggle with writing, there are often scribes posted at the temples who are willing to aid in the writing of these notes. This event is meant to encourage unity across the islands, individuals often attempting to fulfill the various wishes of their fellow mhoats to brighten their day. What sort of wishes will your mhoat make during this season? How do fulfill the wishes of other mhoats during this time?
This activity is unique in that participants can potentially earn bonus currency! To earn the bonus you must work together with other members to create a pair of pieces related to one another.
1) To begin, the first person must draw their mhoat leaving their wish at the temple for another mhoat to discover. In the description of your piece, you should include a little info about what you mhoat is wishing for to aid in the creation of the piece that earns the bonus.
2) For the second piece, a user must pick someone else's wish piece to draw a response to. Your mhoat would have picked out the slip of paper and now wants to fulfill that wish in some manner, so you would have to draw your mhoat interacting with the mhoat who submitted the wish and fulfill the wish however they can.
3) Once both pieces are created, both users can submit a prompt entry to claim a bonus of 5 false sprouts on top of whatever they earned from their art!
Many farming mhoats are returning to their fields and beginning to plant the first crops of the season, but this activity isn't just for those with green thumbs. The various mhoats from the temples of the agriculture deity are handing out wild seed bags for mhoats looking to hike out in nature add to the greenery of the islands and for those who wish to begin gardening as a hobby they hold classes to teach how to grow various plants. Does your mhoat choose to aid the other farmers in starting their harvest, learn a new skill through gardening, or explore the wild places to add some new greenery for those who explore the following year?

This submission option is for all pieces related to the Spring Fest seasonal event!


  1. All participants in the creation of a piece must make an individual submission to earn rewards!
  2. You may make a submission no matter where your piece has been uploaded, they are all eligible for the False Sprouts value of the art. (ex. deviantart, twitter,, etc.)
  3. When making a submission, all mhoats included in the piece should be listed with the "Add Character" option by adding their code from the character masterlist (ex. M-0248, M-0069, etc.)
  4. You do not need to manually add rewards to your claim, they will be granted by the mods when tallying the value of the art.
  5. When making a submission you will need to fill out the form below as it can affect the total caps you earn.

Modifiers: Personal, Collab, Gift Art (artist/receiver), Commission, Trade, etc.


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