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Starlight Gala 2022

Starlight Gala 2022

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The Starlight Gala circles around once more as snow begins to fall and the island temperatures dive. To mark this transition and bring a little cheer to all of those feeling the effects of the cold, the islands have put together a grand gala.


The Starlight Gala circles around once more as snow begins to fall and the island temperatures dive. Mhoats are bunkering down in their homes as the sluggish feeling the cold brings urges them inside toward the warmth while vabbits appear to be delighted by this frosty time of year.

To mark this transition and bring a little cheer to all of those feeling the effects of the cold, the islands have put together a grand gala. A formal party is held in the mhoat capitol where everyone dresses to the nines, enjoy gourmet foods and witness unique winter spectacles. This event is the last opportunity to enjoy the bounty of the fall harvest before winter truly sets in and mhoats turn to their winter food stores and various hobbies to make it through this slow season.

Beyond the party and merriment, early winter for mhoats is focused on the creation of gifts as a show of thanks and to provide a bit of what they think those closest to them may need during the winter months. Vabbits are newer to this gift-giving tradition, but they are enthusiastic about sharing what they have with their friends new and old...but their gifts are often a little confusing to the mhoats who find themselves on the receiving end.

Below are some of the activities you can take part in for this seasonal event!



Gala Activities

The gala may be a formal affair, but it is still a party where mhoats and now vabbits all gather to let loose while enjoying a fine evening. There are many things to enjoy at the gala from dancing with others, experiencing gourmet foods, meeting new faces, or even taking to the balconies to view the beautiful night sky. A bright, bold, and noisy event where the business-minded aim to network while others just attend to enjoy the evening and experience a bit of finery. This activity requires that you show your character taking part in any part of the gala.


Starlight Gala - Prophetic Photos.png

Prophetic Photos

Last year's gala had an oracle in attendance, but this year it seems a unique magic machine is available for all those looking for a bit of future sight of the upcoming season. This prophetic photo booth produces images that are rumored to foretell the future through the enigmatic backgrounds and symbolism that appear in each photo taken. It seems the booth is especially popular with couples, the photos being used to foretell their future compatibility. For this activity, show your character either taking pictures in the booth or viewing the photos that result and puzzling out their hidden meaning.


Starlight Gala - Living Ice.png

Living Ice

The pinnacle of this year's gala centers around a large pool of water where performers skilled in ice magic create objects and creatures formed of ice. These constructs form a fantastic display for those attending the gala to enjoy. Many choose to view the show from the balcony, but just as many mhoats flock to the edges of the pool to see these magic displays up close and personal. For this activity, show your character watching this living ice show or meeting these living sculptures after the show.


Starlight Gala - Winter Giftmaking.png

Winter Gift Making

Beyond the gala, many mhoats take to their homes to begin their winter hobbies while the mushrooms lie dormant due to the cold. Most use these hobbies to create gifts that they share with those close to them or for new friends. Vabbits are new to this tradition but are very eager to take part, even if they aren't always sure what gifts to give to their new mhoat friends. For this activity, you must draw your character and one owned by another user while showing them making or giving a gift.

*Entering the 'Winter Gift Making' activity enters all participants into a raffle where they can win this vabbit, First Frost! This raffle will be rolled once the gala concludes.

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