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Slumbering Feast 2022

Slumbering Feast 2022

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Ends: 30 November 2022, 23:59:59 CST (2 months from now)

Turtonics begin their travels to colder waters, the first chills marking the start of winter preparations and the eventual celebration of the Slumbering Feast!


The various turtonics begin their trek into cooler waters, bringing with this change in route the first chills of fall to mark the shift in the seasons. With this change, mhoats begin to look toward the coming winter and begin their preparations to deal with the impending cold with activities that mark the beginning of the Slumbering Feast. Whether it's gathering supplies or preserving food to last the cold season or even helping build new homes for those who migrated during the summer festival, many mhoats are beginning the slow preparations that take up much of this season beyond the usual day-to-day.

As these preparations proceed, the feast begins to come together as a way to reward those who put all their efforts into preparing for the coming season. The feast involves dressing up and showing off their best costumes, sharing treats with the young, and even making dishes for a potluck to be shared among their neighbors. Alongside this, the spooky nature of the season and the appearance of vabbits seems to have many a mhoat exploring out of the way places as rumors of spooky specters spread. Overall, a busy yet enjoyable season is on offer for all to enjoy.

Below are some of the activities you can take part in for this seasonal event!


Winter Preparations

This activity takes place throughout the fall season and is usually the mark of when the Slumbering Feast begins and ends. The species of Mynros prepare for the coming winter season in many ways; many mhoats will spend this time gathering supplies to weather the cold and occupy their time spent where it's warm, others create preserves or wrap foods in a fine layer of silk to preserve them throughout the season, and just as many take to cleaning their homes high and low and finding any parts of the home that need repairs. Beyond this, many contribute their time to help those who migrated during the summer festival to build new homes, some of the older residents even getting together to make welcome baskets for the new residents of the islands and offer a tour of their neighborhoods.


Costume Pageant

As the winter preparations begin to wrap up, many decide to dress up in fun costumes and take part in various activities that match the fall season while encouraging them to show off a bit of silly fashion. Dressing up in costume for hay rides treat exchanges, even little costume pageants pop up all across the islands so that mhoats have plenty of reason to parade around in unique and interesting costumes to show off their sewing skills or even display the work of another. Some of the more serious tailors and designers across the island even use the costume pageant as an opportunity to test early ideas as they prepare for the more serious competitions that take place during the winter. For this activity, you can either show your mhoat taking part in an activity while dressed up, taking part in one of the costume pageants, or even just viewing the pageants for fun.



Once many of the new homes are built on the islands and current residence prepare their homes to weather the winter season, it marks the time for neighbors to learn more about one another. A communal table will be placed at the center of most neighborhoods or formed in public gathering spaces and everyone brings a dish or two to share with those living nearby. This creates a stronger community and encourages new connections, two things that are very important in winter when one may need help from those close by. Many of the foods made are themed towards comfort and meant to be shared, be that stews, casseroles, breads, or any number of dishes. It's a way for neighbors to share their favorite meals and make a connection with others.


Supernatural Haunt

With the arrival of vabbits, many a mhoat has been hearing new whispers across the islands about the spooky nature of the season bringing forth strange specters that haunt out of the way places. Many mhoats will talk about well known stories that fuel common superstitions, but it seems that even more are coming up with new spooky stories to spice up the rumor mill during this season. In any case, mhoats and even some vabbits who overheard these rumors are wandering out to abandoned locations, graveyards, or even the woods to see what strange creatures they may find. Many will find nothing and some might even get a chill up their spine as they explore these spooky places, but the more playful mhoat may play a spooky prank on those brave enough to wander into their traps for a proper fright. For this activity show your mhoat or vabbit either overhearing a spooky rumor, exploring a terrifying new area, or getting a proper scare from one of their fellows.

This submission option is for all pieces related to the Slumbering Feast seasonal event!


  1. Please list which activity you are submitting before when submitting a piece to earn the seasonal currency.
  2. All participants in the creation of a piece must make an individual submission to earn rewards!
  3. You may make a submission no matter where your piece has been uploaded, they are all eligible for the Fungheist Flower value of the art. (ex. DeviantArt, Twitter,, etc.)
  4. When making a submission, all mhoats included in the piece should be listed with the "Add Character" option by adding their code from the character masterlist (ex. M-0248, M-0069, V-0008, etc.)
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  6. The minimum required for prompts is a flat-colored halfbody in a clearly depicted scene.


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