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Spring Fest 2024

Spring Fest 2024

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Winter comes to a slow end across Mynros as the turtonics migrate from frigid waters into warmer currents.


Winter comes to a slow end across Mynros as the turtonics migrate from frigid waters into warmer currents. The snows thaw and new growth springs up where the sun warms the earth, allowing plants to stretch out their roots and break the surface. The trees find their green crowns once more and the many pets of Mynros wander from their warm dens as nature reawakens in this regular seasonal shift.

After spending a season indoors, many Mynrosians are quick to seek the great outdoors as those first rays of sunlight break through the clouds and provide the first hints of proper warmth to the islands. This marks a period where more time is spent outdoors than in homes, many seeking to absorb as much sunlight as possible before the islands resume their regular yearly activities.

Just a few weeks after the first thaw marks the start of Spring Fest where many markets and bazaars across Mynros reopen for the first time since the snows settled in at the start of winter. While the markets going back to full swing mark the start of Spring Fest, a variety of other activities mark this season from various small gatherings and parties to celebrate the incoming season as well as annual pilgrimages to various temples to make offerings of good fortune. Spring Fest marks a proper start to the mhoat calendar and brings with it excitement and celebration in equal measure.

Below are some of the activities you can take part in for this seasonal event!


Adoption Fair

Spring marks an explosion of life and for Anisa, this often means an influx of new pets under their care. So, it should come as no surprise that such a well-known keeper of pets would be looking to spread the joys of pet ownership during this season by holding an adoption fair. Many common and rare variations of pets are looking for a new home with some loving Mynrosians, but it isn't as simple as just coming by to claim a new pet. Anisa is particular and insists on whoever adopts these pets being dedicated to their care. Volunteering at the adoption fair, spending one on one time with the pet to develop a bond, or even a home inspection are all ways she uses to determine if a Mynrosian is ready for the responsibility of pet ownership.

When you enter for this activity, you will receive a raffle ticket for one of the Adoption Fair designs! Please specify which design you'd like to enter for in your prompt submission.
You can enter up to three times per design, but please realize each entry does require another piece of art/writing and another submission!


Frondescence Forestry

More time spent out in nature means that Mynrosians are taking more notice of the surrounding nature. While lush greenery is starting to take over the forests, it isn't hard to miss that certain plants seem to crowd each other, dead trees linger among their living neighbors becoming prime growing space for a variety of mushrooms, and some rubbish previously hidden by the snow is now in plain sight. Given that caring for nature is strongly encouraged across the islands, it should be no surprise that groups are getting together to clean up the forests. Removing fallen logs, breaking up old growth into compost, and clearing away trash are common ways to help the effort. Some are even taking advantage of the overgrowth to thin out small plants that can be used for simple meals during this time when fresh produce is scarce.



With the onset of spring, farmers are returning to their fields and beginning to plant the first crops of the season, but this activity isn't just for those with green thumbs. Acolytes from the temple dedicated to the agriculture celestial, Agrarius are handing out bags of wild seeds and common garden crops for Mynrosians looking to spend time out in nature to encourage adding to the greenery of the islands. For those who wish to begin a garden of their own, they even hold classes to teach how to grow and care for various plants.

Cherry Blossom Viewing

As spring fully sets in, a shower of pink petals becomes common across many natural spaces across Mynros. Parks, temples, natural spaces, and a variety of other areas become covered is a thick blanket of pink as the first flowers begin to shed their petals. It is common for Mynrosians to flock to these natural spaces to gather together and reunite with those they hold dear, often holding picnics and organizing activities in the places where these flowers fall. Others may choose to find a quiet space to sit and enjoy the tranquility that comes from watching nature without outside interruptions.

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