Magic in Mynros

Introduction to Magic

Magic in Mynros exists in the very fabric of the world, it is a system just like the weather or the cycle of seasons. At times it wanes and at others, it surges, often unpredictably. The turtonics with their vast stores of magical power are able to alter the world and through their centuries of life have altered the very currents of the ocean, creating magic leylines that stabilize the magic in an area, causing it to surge less often. It is in these areas where most life across Mynros flourishes, with areas outside of their influence being much more prone to wild and chaotic fluctuations of magic that can alter anything that falls within its path. Places, where these strong fluctuations occur, tend to be covered in the parasitic mushrooms that plague turtonics, which is why the lingering landmasses at the north and south poles remain untouched by the various creatures of Mynros.

While the magical climates where turtonics roam are often calm, there are occasions where the magic will fluctuate strongly and cause an alteration in reality. This can be on a smaller scale like altering the weather in a pocket of space or something larger that will linger for some time and alter the environment or creatures in that area. When this magic accumulates too quickly in too short a time, it can warp reality in a confined area, creating a tear, a portal to another part of the world, or even to another place entirely.

Beyond magic altering the world, each environment can present its own natural magic or there can be pockets of wild magic that influence how the magic within those areas displays. A frozen land may have low levels of magic, the cold actively dampening magic in all its forms. Meanwhile, a warm environment may have high levels of magic and it may flow more easily or with more intensity when used actively. Passive effects are not the only effect of magic on the world, there can even be pockets of magic so dense they allow large bodies to float freely in the air, this is usually seen as floating islands or other such large structures or areas where magic affects gravity and even time that reflect in the surrounding environment.

Given that magic is so deeply tied to the world, it is no surprise that the creatures that live within it should be filled with this very same magic. Many carry this magic and wield it naturally, but with study and practice, they can gain access to magic beyond their natural affinity.

Branches of Magic

- Basic Primal: Air, Earth, Fire, Water

This branch of magic involves the most basic elements of the world; air, earth, fire, and water. All Mynrosians beginning their education in magic learn at least one of these elements, usually, as a means to show their dedication towards arcane learning. While these elements are considered safe for beginners, uncontrolled elemental magic can have a significant impact on those performing the magic, as well as their surroundings. So Mynrosians seeking to master the elements should approach performing magic with a level head.

Mynrosians and Magic

The various creatures of Mynros all carry some magic within them, a result of being created largely through magical means. When it comes to learning to hone this magic, however, there is a pathway toward mastery. Primal magic must be learned first before more advanced branches can be accessed unless the one performing magic lacks the skills to perform them safely.

Mhoats have a natural affinity for all magic and with enough time and study, there is no limit to the magic they can master. Out of most creatures of Mynros, they are the most affected by magic within the world itself, which is due to their natural affinity and ability to adapt.

Vabbits on the other hand, are less affected by natural magic and in turn, have more limited access. Their natural affinity for fire and earth elements means that learning these particular primal magics comes naturally to them. Meanwhile, other types of magic appear to be locked off or require more effort to learn. As an example, water and air primals tend to be unavailable to vabbits.

Learning Magic

As stated above, learning any type of magic is a process that begins with the ability for a Mynrosian to access their own natural magic. Once done, primal magic may be unlocked and developed until mastery dependent upon the pathways available to the character in question.

When it comes to unlocking magic and developing the different tiers, a user must draw/write a piece that represents the magic tiers to unlock them for a specific character. A few requirements for the images are as follows;

- Vabbits with the Jet Exhaust trait are unable to learn earth magic, but may instead learn air magic, be sure to depict them using the correct element.
- Only a single character can earn magic progress per image and who earns that progress is up to the artist. If a specific character is not stated, then we will choose the character who is performing art and appears to be the focus of the piece.
- Only the owner may earn magic progress for a character; so trades, gift art, or commissioned pieces will not be accepted.
- At minimum, unlocking the different levels of magic requires a flat-colored halfbody in a clearly depicted scene or a written piece with a word count of at least 1000 words.

Magic Pathways

When learning magic, the following prompts are what must be fulfilled to complete each tier of acquiring new magic.

  • Basic Magic Primer

This is where every Mynrosian begins their journey to learning magic, first, they have to gain a sense of their own internal magic and be able to pull it outward into small displays of pure magic or sparks of primal magic. Basic Primal Magic Available subtypes: Air, Earth, Fire, Water

* Completing the Basic Magic Primer gives the character that completes it access to all of the Basic Primal Magics which include the elements of Air, Fire, Earth, and Water.

  • Tier 1 - Control

This tier is about learning to summon forth a specific element beyond the most basic of sparks. This could mean a character learns to summon a steady flame or a flurry of wind in their hand. These early attempts at magic are often unsteady, disappearing with the slightest loss of focus, so much of this tier is centered around developing focus.

  • Tier 2 - Conjuration

This is the tier where a Mynrosian's control is tested, at this level they are expected to be able to summon an element and manipulate it in basic ways. This may mean summoning a flame to light a candle or shifting a pile of sand to put out a fire.

  • Tier 3 - Solidification

At this tier, a character has a level of confidence in the use of a particular elemental magic. Instead of manipulating a small piece of an element, they can exert control over an area. This could be by pushing a faint breeze through an area or filling a tub or small pond with water. Additionally, small areas can have the negative effects of those areas removed, an example of this being that a Mynrosian who wields fire primals can reduce the temperature within a small area.

* The final tier of any basic primal magic requires the input of an instructor such as Skylar, an acolyte from an advanced primal temple, or another Mynrosian who has mastered the specific primal magic. Meaning, that another magic user who has mastered that particular primal must be present in the image.