Magic in Mynros

Introduction to Magic

Magic in Mynros exists in the very fabric of the world, it is a system just like the weather or the cycle of seasons. At times it wanes and at others, it surges, often unpredictably. The turtonics with their vast stores of magical power can alter the world and through their centuries of life have altered the very currents of the ocean, creating magic leylines that stabilize the magic in an area, causing it to surge less often. It is in these areas where most life across Mynros flourishes, with areas outside of their influence being much more prone to wild and chaotic fluctuations of magic that can alter anything that falls within its path. Places, where these strong fluctuations occur, tend to be covered in the parasitic mushrooms that plague turtonics, which is why the lingering landmasses at the north and south poles remain untouched by the various creatures of Mynros.

While the magical climates where turtonics roam are often calm, there are occasions where the magic will fluctuate strongly and cause an alteration in reality. This can be on a smaller scale like altering the weather in a pocket of space or something larger that will linger for some time and alter the environment or creatures in that area. When this magic accumulates too quickly in too short a time, it can warp reality in a confined area, creating a tear, a portal to another part of the world, or even to another place entirely.

Beyond magic altering the world, each environment can present its own natural magic or there can be pockets of wild magic that influence how the magic within those areas displays. A frozen land may have low levels of magic, the cold actively dampening magic in all its forms. Meanwhile, a warm environment may have high levels of magic and it may flow more easily or with more intensity when used actively. Passive effects are not the only effect of magic on the world, there can even be pockets of magic so dense they allow large bodies to float freely in the air, this is usually seen as floating islands or other such large structures or areas where magic affects gravity and even time that reflect in the surrounding environment.

Given that magic is so deeply tied to the world, it is no surprise that the creatures that live within it should be filled with this very same magic. Many carry this magic and wield it naturally, but with study and practice, they can gain access to magic beyond their natural affinity.

Branches of Magic

Basic Primal (Air, Earth, Fire, Water)

This branch of magic involves the most basic elements of the world; air, earth, fire, and water. All Mynrosians beginning their education in magic learn at least one of these elements, usually, as a means to show their dedication towards further arcane learning. While these elements are considered safe for beginners, uncontrolled elemental magic can have a significant impact on those performing the magic, as well as their surroundings. So Mynrosians seeking to master the elements should approach performing magic with a level head.

Mynrosians & Magic

The various creatures of Mynros all carry some magic within their bodies, a result of being created either through magical means or by adapting to magic in the environment over time. This natural pool of magic fuels a Mynrosian's natural magic as well as their spell casting. Mynrosians have access to their natural magics from birth and refine it over time from regular usage such as how mhoats produce silk and vabbits release steam from their vents. Full information about a specific species' natural magic can be found on their respective info page.

Spellcasting in Mynros is a skill that must be learned and refined through the acquisition of knowledge and practice. For this reason, learning magic and developing spellcasting isn't something every Mynrosian pursues. For those who do pursue magic, there are numerous methods to learn, solo, through apprenticeship, joining a temple, or by attending a magic circle. Solo is best for low level magics such as the basic primals, but mastering any of these magics requires the oversight of another who has mastered the craft, so, many Mynrosians will seek out a short apprenticeship with another magic user to complete their mastery in a particular low tier magic branch. For advanced branches of magic, Mynrosians will take up a long-term apprenticeship, join a temple where the celestial was known for that magic, or attend a circle.

Magic circles are institutions across the islands of Mynros where professionals in the field of magic share their knowledge with students who aspire to master a variety of magics. In return, these institutions provide specialized labs and vast libraries of arcane magic that would otherwise be difficult for magic users to acquire independently. Those who attend these circles also tend to live within or near the grounds so they have easy access to the resources needed for their studies.

Once a student has mastered a field of magic they either remain at the circle to continue learning further, become a professor of the circle and produce experimental work, join a temple where their magic skills can be used in the surrounding community, or seek out an occupation where their specialized magic skills can be applied in their work.

For temples, each celestial is associated with a specific magic and the acolytes within these temples study or have mastered the magics the temple is known for. Temples will even hold classes for local Mynrosians who wish to learn the finer points of magic and often oversee the tests of mastery and act as mentors for those taking them.

Across Mynros, the use of magic is viewed as a valuable skill, and mastery as a feat to be celebrated. It is a skill acquired through time and effort, that requires dedication to learning a new skill. Anyone may learn magic and the teachings are offered freely, but not all Mynrosians are willing or even able to dedicate themselves to the full magical skill available to them.

Magic Affinity

The ability to use magic largely depends upon a Mynrosian's innate affinity toward a specific type of magic, using their own magic to reach out and draw complimentary magic from their surroundings. Natural affinities can aid or hinder the ability to access different magic branches

Mhoats have a natural affinity for all magic and with enough time and study, there is no limit to the magic they can master. Out of most creatures of Mynros, they are the most affected by magic within the world itself, which is due to their natural affinity and ability to adapt. In turn, they aren't restricted in what type or how much magic skill they can acquire.

Vabbit are less affected by natural magic and in turn, have more limited access. Their natural affinity for fire and earth elements means that learning these particular primal magics comes naturally to them. Meanwhile, other types of basic primal magic and some advanced primal magics appear to be locked off or require more effort to learn. As an example, vabbits are unable to learn water and wind magics unless they have traits that modify their base affinities.

* Jet Exhaust and Leviathan traits cause a vabbit to have wind and fire as their natural affinity, meaning they are unable to learn water and earth magics.