Pet Info

Pets are the various small creatures that appear across the turtonic islands, their primary purpose is to aid in the livability of the islands or assist mhoats in curbing the growth of the parasitic mushroom spread across the lands. Much like mhoats, they are the embodiments of minor magic which means their appearance can vary quite a bit with there being common or rare types of these pets found across the islands and on rare occasions some fairly unique individuals.

Mhoats will often take in these small creatures as pets either for companionship or for various uses around their homes. Some pets are more popular or easier to domesticate than others much like how some types of pets are more or less commonly found roaming the islands. More information about specific pets can be found by looking through the pet species traits or clicking the different pet types linked above, each type of pet has its own lore blurb about its specific roles in the world.

Common and Seasonal pets can be found here, they are sold for group currency in the various shops found under the market tab of the menu.

Unique pets have their own masterlist entries and can be found here, the mhoat they are linked to is listed in the description section on their entry.

When creating a unique pet MYO, you may reference the Pet Species trait category to see all available types of pets that can be made using a Pet MYO Slot, as for the specific process of creating a MYO it's recommended that you reference the MYO Guide.

To acquire a MYO Pet slot users can either visit the Pet Shop to purchase using caps or purchase a Custom/MYO Slot using USD by following the information listed on the OA Customs page.