Vabbit Species Info


Vabbits are an underground dwelling species that have recently appeared on the islands' surface, they resemble rabbits and are covered in thick plating across their forearms and faces. The rest of their body is covered in a layer of insulated fur that protects them from extreme temperatures, something of a necessity as they appear to expel superheated steam from the vents in between their plating. They use this steam to soften dirt, rock, and various other tough substances to build large underground warrens and cities, which they call home.

Their time underground appears to have altered their stature, as they are quite a bit shorter than mhoats, standing at 3-4 ft whereas mhoats on average stand at 5-6 ft in their bipedal form. A vabbit's ability to stand is impaired by their top-heavy build, due to their heavy arms and a barrel chest that holds additional organs for the production of steam. As a result, most vabbits can only stand for short periods of time and prefer moving around on four legs. Some vabbits with longer tails can use these tails to maintain a bipedal stance longer than their short-tailed counterparts. Additionally, vabbits always have a high shoulder that slopes down into their back legs.

Given their insulated fur and the ability to release super-heated steam it should be no surprise that Vabbits have a natural affinity for fire magics. Additionally, they seem to be fairly in tune with the earth and able to pick up on this magic with the same amount of ease. Most other magics seem to be out of their reach or require an excess of effort to attain, a result of them being more stable in form than mhoats.

Vabbit Plates

Vabbit plates are thick layers of magic buildup bound to keratin that originates from the steam their bodies release. This latent magic woven into the plates allows them to withstand high temperatures and makes them exceptionally flexible and strong. Despite this benefit, these plates do require significant upkeep on the vabbit's part as they are constantly growing. As a result, these plates can begin to impede a vabbit's movement, and direct steam into sensitive areas such as the inner ear -- while ears have insulating inner ear fur, others require freedom of movement to protect the delicate inner flesh which excessive plate growth can impede -- or grow in a way that injures the vabbit. Due to this, vabbits require strong materials to trim and maintain their plates and while they can create tools that do the job, it is often their own teeth that tend to be the most effective for keeping their plates in check.

*A vabbit's inner flesh and plating match in colors, so the mouth and inner ear should always display similar colors to those displayed on the plates or a trait that allows multiple colors to be displayed should be applied to the design.

Magic Support

Vabbits due to their magic, build, and plating are very dense beings and as a result, they require a strong skeleton that can maintain their weight throughout their lives. This means heavy bones that are difficult to break in the areas where the most weight is supported, similar to how they require powerful teeth to maintain the quality of the heavy plates they carry. A mhoat with a similar build would require additional magic to stabilize itself and this too is true of vabbits, but this magic is built into their bones through a similar method that their plating forms. As excess magic circulates through their body it comes to be stored in their bones, strengthening them and giving them their unique coloration which ranges from white, gray, to black. This same excess magic also accumulates in the vabbit's sclera and gives it its unique color along with giving the eyes additional protection beyond what their second eyelid provides. This includes tolerance to higher temperatures and an easier transition between high and low light areas so their vision is not compromised.
*A vabbit's nails, teeth, sclera, and bones should all be within the grayscale color range unless otherwise affected by a trait that allows for a variety of colors. These different parts of a vabbit can be various grayscale colors and aren't confined to a single color.