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General Cap Rewards

General Cap Rewards

Category: Cap Queue

Miscellaneous artwork/literature/etc. can be submitted here to receive the general mhoat currency, caps! (check details for rules/guidelines)


Caps are no longer rewarded by default, members are responsible for submissions of their own art through these submission options!


  1. All participants in the creation of a piece must make an individual submission to earn rewards! This includes collaborators, those receiving gift art, or a commissioner looking to redeem the piece for caps.
  2. You may make a submission no matter where your piece has been uploaded, they are all eligible for cap rewards. (ex. deviantart, twitter,, etc.)
  3. Caps will be rewarded based upon the information listed on the Earning Caps page.
  4. When making a submission, all mhoats included in the piece should be listed with the "Add Character" option by adding their code from the character masterlist (ex. M-0248, M-0069, etc.)
  5. When making a submission you will need to fill out the form below as it can affect the total caps you earn.

Modifiers: Personal, Collab, Gift Art (artist/receiver), Commission, Trade, etc.
Reused Work Details: Is this a base/ych? Yes or no.
Word Count: For literature submissions only, the word count affects the total caps earned.


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