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Timeless Nights

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The First Light Festival is fast approaching and this means Mynrosians are beginning to prepare. While doing so vabbits and mhoats share their knowledge of the two main deities of the pantheon, Yel and Myn.


As spring winds down and the first touches of heat for summer visit the various turtonic islands, mhoat minds once more turn toward preparations for the First Light Festival. Many curious vabbits are inquiring about this yearly festival and at the mention of Yel and Myn become quite excited about the upcoming festivities. All Mynrosians are quick to take up the various tasks necessary to prepare for the festival and in the process mhoats and vabbits seem to be sharing their knowledge of the main two Celestials of the pantheon.

Oh, what's this? Some tension seems to be growing between mhoats and vabbits as old-held beliefs are challenged by these newcomers to the islands. Mhoats are bewildered by claims that the vabbits came from Yel and Myn's mythic island and that the effects of time have warped their understanding of this duo. Meanwhile, vabbits are adamant that these grand figures are being misrepresented and even outright vilified by old mhoat superstition.

Mhoats believe Yel to be a celestial of life and controller of time while Myn is a celestial of space and death. Space by its nature is associated with creation and through mhoat history creation magic has been rightfully chaotic and naturally death is the mark of an end, there is generally a more negative or omen-like aspect to symbolism tied to Myn. Given this view, traits that appear rarely have in the past been attributed as either blessings or omens and associated with their respective celestial. White goo and oracle eyes have been applied to Yel and viewed as blessings or marks of good fortune while black goo and unseeing eyes have been applied to Myn and viewed as omens or marks of misfortune. These views have eased over time, but are still a part of the way mhoats view the heads of their own pantheon.

Vabbits on the other hand, know Yel to wield control over time. He can use this ability to reverse injuries in an act of healing or run down the time on a creature's clock, controlling their end. Meanwhile, Myn is one who wields control of space using her power to alter surroundings as well as bring forth new beings. Their collective power allows them to breathe new life into their proudest creations, mhoats, and vabbits. This more direct link with the celestials and knowledge of their power means vabbits show equal reverence and respect to both celestials, but Myn's warm nature means they hold additional fondness. Fueling their passionate defense when she is misrepresented.

Naturally, mhoats find vabbit's claims to be dubious because no one has encountered these two celestial in centuries, but there are some rare individuals willing to listen and accept this unique perspective. Does you mhoat agree with the old views or will they accept these new views? How do vabbits handle having to convince their fellow Mynrosians of their knowledge? For this prompt, show your character either taking part in the sharing of knowledge or witnessing others doing so as they gather materials and prepare for the First Light Festival.

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