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Final Day!

Please note that as long as you submit to the gallery before the deadline, no matter how many edits are required, you remain eligible for the event!

The event officially ends at the end of 31 March.
If the clock in the top right corner says it is April 1st, you are officially too late.

As of April 1st, a grace period of a week will allow you to edit your submission. Every edit resets this period to the full week.
This has been decided upon as to not leave DTA event submissions open permanently, especially as it is a contest..
So yes, no matter how many edits are required, you remain eligible- but please realize that we do want to wrap things up.


A Realm of Mynros Draw to Adopt Event


Starts: March 1st 2023 - Ends: March 31st 2023

A nest of adorable kits has been found in one of the local temples and it seems these young mhoats and vabbits are looking for a new home. For this Draw to Adopt event, you can choose to enter for the chance to win any of the baby designs available in the set. By designing an adult form of the baby design of your choosing and submitting it to the site gallery, you'll have the chance to take these cute little Mynrosians home.

  1. To enter, you must create an adult form of the mhoat or vabbit of your choosing.
  2. Once completed, submit the design to the "DTA Kit Event 2023" Gallery Folder.
  3. You may enter for 2 of the designs, but you can only win one design from the set.
  4. The only exception to the above rule is if one or both of the designs simply have no other entries.
  5. When designing the adult form, you may alter the markings or colors, but the final design should still display clear aspects of the original design.
  6. All of the baby designs will have existing traits listed on their masterlist entry, but you may add up to 3 additional mutation traits of your choosing when designing their adult form.
  7. The traits applied to the designs should be kept in the adult form. If no explicit trait is given, even if it looks like the baby form has it, you are allowed to alter it.
  8. Winners will be judged by the mod team. Creativity, overall appeal and resemblance to the baby form will be considered when reviewing entries.

Optionally, if you have any plans for the future design or if the design sparked a story, please include them in your gallery description.
This isn't necessary to complete your entry, but we would love to see it! c:

Mhoat Kits
M-0408 - Gliding SaucerM-0406 - Goblin ModeM-0407 - Gecko Dragon
Vabbit Kits
V-0048 - Pastel BlushV-0050 - Ink DropsV-0049 - Floral Roo