Spring Fest Scavenger Hunt!

Spring Fest 2023

As you approach the starting area for the scavenger hunt, you notice there is a crowd.. and you can hear the sounds of complaints and annoyance among them.
It seems there is a slight delay on the hunt, and those meant to give out the first hint are anxiously awaiting the news for this activity to start..

But just as you're about to walk away, a mhoat comes running up and screams "We're set up! Ready to go! GIVE THEM THE FIRST HINT!"

Welcome to the Spring Fest 2023 Scavenger Hunt! Our apologies for the slight delay.

You can find information on the hunt and track your gathered items on this page. Although you can find the first hint there as well, allow us to give it to you on this page as well:

You must seek out a teacher, whose job is taking care of kits.

There are five items in all. If you have found all five, please simply submit to the Spring Fest 2023 prompt, put 'Scavenger Hunt' in the url input and add in the description that you've found all Scavenger Hunt items.

We can see if you have truly found all five, though, so no cheating! :)

Please note that we have fully separated from deviantArt. You do not need to look around the Mhoat-Boat group or old Totes-m-hoats masterlist for any of the scavenger hunt items. Thank you.