[Gift] Surprise Worms!

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[Gift] Surprise Worms!
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In Monthly Prompt ・ By Fulgarite, Bio-zuzu

Witch and Moon Moon were walking around in the park when they happened to come across a container of what was clearly labeled "Chips".

Being curious they decided to shake it a bit, and it sure sounded like chips (think pringles for us!) and after giving each other a look, they opened it up, only to be surprised by the insides magically turning into springy worms that jump out at them!

Both characters jump back in surprise, while the prankster who left the "chips" hides behind a tree giggling to himself. Silly Taito!

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Submitted: 3 months agoLast Updated: 3 months ago

Fulgarite: Sketch, Color
Bio-zuzu: Line, Shading
restingden: Gift For
TheGhostlyBeing: Gift For
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TheGhostlyBeing Avatar

I absolutely LOVE THIS AAA A<33

2024-04-16 03:31:44

restingden Avatar
restingden Staff Member

AAAA < 3 Love how he's drawn and think it's super fitting for him to fall for such a harmless prank haha. Honestly I too would fall for it.. cannot resist a tasty snack OTL!! The text blurb is also a fun read!
Thank you both for including him ;w;!! 

2024-04-08 23:48:52

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