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30 March 2022 (2 years ago)
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.~* { --- //  chie || any || adult!  \\ ---  } *~. 

i don't talk much as i'm usually tired + shy + busy OTL
feel free to ping me in the server for oc interations! :3

 .~* [ ✧✧✧  toyhouse  - discord ( restingden )   ✧✧✧ ] *~.

All my designs are allowed to be edited/redesigned to your own liking! So no need to ask me!
Do not make the edits on my art tho + please remember to credit ;w; <3

art by ; PromptoBeans

.~* { W I S H L I S T  } *~.                     
.~* [ C O M P L E T E : 3/8 ✧✧✧ ] *~.

k o u k i - plant growth, pastel goo,  floating lights , faux horns

e v a - tail combo, floating lights

l o v e t t - ???? 

s y l - spring floating objects ,  (after potion box)

mutation stone x1
tidal sundae x2
ghoul's delight x0
minty cake x0
fruitdrop jelly x0
cosmic candy x2

am collecting the following potions!
werewolf bite's potion
witchy potion
celestial being potion
angelic halo potion
rapunzel potion
the other potions i just have no ideas for so it's why i have no interest in them atm OTL

Standard Currency:
92 Caps
Seasonal Currency:
1 False Sprouts22 Saltie Shells20 Fungheist Flowers20 Frosty Berries
Special Currency:
11 Pearlescent Sporepuffs6 Golden Dice
Recent Items
Pride Nyanemone
Leporidae Turtiny
Mutation Stone
Boxy Cat
Recent Awards


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PromptoBeans Staff Member
RestingDen!!! Hello!!!! X3

2022-04-01 05:48:39

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