MYO 2023 | Fenrir

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MYO 2023 | Fenrir
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In MYO Event 2023 ・ By shralen

Base made by Numiauri

Title: Fenrir

-Pointed Face
-Fangs Teeth
-Fish Eye
-Trailing Eyes (Mutation)
-Kitfox Ears
-Long Fluff Tail
-Paintbrush Tail (Mutation)
-Goo Textures (Fluffy)
-Gradient Goo
-Color Shift Goo (Mutation)
-Triad Goo (Mutation)
-Hoof Variation
-Winter Coat (Winter Mythic)

Item used: Minty Cake, Mutation Stone

I joined the Mhoat group when I saw the  Sea Dwellers batch. So I joined this Group due to Numiauri.

Submitted By shralen for MYO Slot Claim
Submitted: 1 year agoLast Updated: 1 year ago

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