25 November 2020 (3 years ago)

 She/Her | Autistic | Hobbyist | Digital Art

My primary language is French (You can write to me in French if you want to.)

I'm a hobbyist artist, that draw when my body pain is low. So it takes more time to finish a piece. I have no idea why I have those pain issues, I did ask several doctors about those, but they have no answer. One did tell me that my ligament is more flexible than normal, but it doesn't really explain the pain issue... I'm not as flexible as a contortionist, but I'm more flexible than typical people.

I can also be reached on the following sites:
DeviantArt (Hiatus, won't post new thing there)
FurAffinity (Prety mutch inactive there)
Toyhouse (WIP, slowly filling my character profile up)
Discord: Ask

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What I want to do, and what I would need. (GREEN = I have it) (Red = Mutation) (Purple = Mythic) ( Brown = Winter Mythic) (Orange = Fall Mythic) (Blue = Summer Mythic) (Pink = Spring Mythic)

Redesign, No Vent? Tail: Sea snake or Eel or Newt
Minor Redesign Potion (15 Cap) + 1 or 2 Mutation Stone (40 Cap/Stone)

Change Subtype? Kelpie or Siren? (Have to 'test' draw it first.)
Minor Redesign Potion (15 Cap)?, Aquatic Orb (115 Cap) + Kelpie Mantle (150 Cap or 35 Saltie Shells) or Seafoam Cloak (150 Cap or 35 Saltie Shells)

Werewolf transformation?
Like Magicarpe, 'Goldfish' form and 'Dragon' form
Werewolf's Bite Potion

Pet, Werewolf transformation?
Normal = Fragile look | Were = Rage form, big, Fox Fire
Werewolf's Bite Potion

Pet, Floating Objects?
Death Ray (10 Fungheist Flowers), Ghoul' Delight (20 Fungheist Flowers)

Redesign, I want to make her look more like a Sea Bunny
Minor Redesign Potion? (15 Cap)

Adult Design
Teeth: Shark | Eye: Shaped Pupils or Sightless or Unseeing | Frills: Shaped | Tail: Whale? Shark? | Fins: Whale? No Fins? | Vent: No Vents
Masterlist trait: Face Shape: Draft | Special Aetchic: Shell-less (Come with No Vents) | Aethic Thones: Greyscale
1 Mutation Stone (40 Cap/Stone) or Cosmic Candy (Perlescent Spore puff:100 Oracle is In, 300 Oracle is Out)

Adult Design
Teeth: Rabbit or Omnivor? | Eye: Blind, Beady? Greyscale Sclera | Ear: Rabbit, Batty? Shaped? | Feelers: Slim Feelers | Plates: Simple, Complex? Metallic? Body Plates? | Tones: Warm Tones. Single color
Masterlist trait: Body: Calico Bones
1 or 2 or 3 Mutation Stone? (40 Cap/Stone)

Sea Wyvern (30 Caps), Slime Frog (20 Caps), Squail (30 Caps)

MYO Spinnow/Cardinal look 'Flapjack'
Drek's pet
MYO Pet Slot (60 Cap)

MYO Striped Onyan/Dumbo Octopus look. Color Palette: Orange/yellow or blue
Lychee's pet
MYO Pet Slot (60 Cap)

MYO (Bear + Bee)
Face: Round or Pointed or Square. | Teeth: Omnivore or Fangs. | Wild Eyes | Cub Ears | Hornless | Freelers: None or Bee or Slim | Stinger Tail | Wings: Insectoid or Dragonfly | Markings Goo? Double Tone Goo? | Replacement Limbs? (Wings/Tail), Bioluminescent Markings?, Hoof Variation, Zombie Plates?
Moat Egg (125 Caps ), 1 or 2 or 3 Mutation Stones (40 Cap/Stone) Nixifly (10 Saltie Shells )

MYO (Isopod)
Nudibranch Body, Roly Poly? Goo Patch? or Zombie Plates? Missing Limb?
Aquatic Egg (175 Caps or 40 Saltie Shells), Tidal Sundae (20 Saltie Shell), Roly Poly Potion, at leat 1 Mutation Stone (40 Cap)

Standard Currency:
375 Caps
Seasonal Currency:
8 False Sprouts10 Fungheist Flowers1 Frosty Berries
Special Currency:
15 Pearlescent Sporepuffs
Recent Items
Tidal Sundae
Fruitdrop Jelly
Season Octoboros
Recent Awards
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