[Gift] A new kind of show!

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[Gift] A new kind of show!
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In Seasonal Activities ・ By Oboe, Bio-zuzu, Fulgarite, Inkcess

Sao and Bevan are showing off a new kind of show where they are showing the origins of the Kelpies and how they came to be! Their performance has them jumping out of the water and mid jump changing from aquatic form to land form! So magical!

The kiddoes are loving the show and the aquatics are looking on happily out of the way in the water!

Submitted By Fulgarite for First Light Festival 2023View Favorites
Submitted: 6 months agoLast Updated: 6 months ago

Oboe: Sketch
Bio-zuzu: Lines
Fulgarite: Color
Inkcess: Shading
PromptoBeans: Gift For
pxcarats: Gift For
KazultheDragon: Gift For
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Thank you all so much for including Castor and Sao! They both look amazing here!

2023-08-15 05:11:09

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