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11 October 2021 (2 years ago)



Ink ★ She/Her ★ Hijabi
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Hullo, I'm Ink! I tend to be one of the very few people from my part of the world in most of my online spaces, so timezones are often funky. Feel free to contact me for any reason whatsoever. I'm still finding my footing here.
Custom and Commission Pricing and Examples
I'm usually down for simple art trades and more than willing to be bribed with site items for art.
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Standard Currency:
456 Caps
Seasonal Currency:
64 Saltie Shells23 Fungheist Flowers13 Frosty Berries
Special Currency:
9 Pearlescent Sporepuffs
Recent Items
Nevermelt Oribird
Mutation Stone
Mhoat Egg
Horseshoe Tricrabbytops
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