Character Masterlist

Thumbnail for C-0005: Asteria
Celestial of Hope
Thumbnail for C-0007: Eternus
Celestial of Shape-Shifting
Thumbnail for C-0006: Surempetos
Celestial of Deception
Thumbnail for C-0010: Kintsugi
MhoatsSpring MythicPromptoBeans
Celestial of Restoration
Thumbnail for C-0011: Sphinx
Celestial of Falsehoods
Thumbnail for C-0003: Agrarius
MhoatsSummer MythicPromptoBeans
Celestial of Agriculture
Thumbnail for M-0273: Andora
Heart of Gold
Thumbnail for M-0269: Polybios
Nighttime Learning
Thumbnail for C-0002: Myn
Celestial of Space
Thumbnail for C-0001: Yel
Celestial of Time
Thumbnail for M-0125: Doodle
Fresh Canvas
Thumbnail for M-0092: Oracle
Starlight Oracle
Thumbnail for M-0041: Vin
Firework Burst
Owner Name Rarity Species Title Created
Numiauri C-0005: Asteria Mutation Mhoats Celestial of Hope 28 February 2023, 18:01:51 CST
PromptoBeans C-0007: Eternus Mutation Mhoats Celestial of Shape-Shifting 27 August 2022, 13:03:50 CDT
Speedy C-0006: Surempetos Mutation Mhoats Celestial of Deception 26 August 2022, 18:31:21 CDT
PromptoBeans C-0010: Kintsugi Spring Mythic Mhoats Celestial of Restoration 17 August 2022, 16:48:57 CDT
PromptoBeans C-0011: Sphinx Mythic Mhoats Celestial of Falsehoods 17 August 2022, 10:35:58 CDT
PromptoBeans C-0003: Agrarius Summer Mythic Mhoats Celestial of Agriculture 9 April 2022, 09:42:05 CDT
Numiauri M-0273: Andora Mutation Mhoats Heart of Gold 6 March 2022, 10:00:46 CST
PromptoBeans M-0269: Polybios Mutation Mhoats Nighttime Learning 16 February 2022, 23:55:49 CST
PromptoBeans M-0253: Inkwell Mythic Mhoats Black as Ink 3 December 2020, 17:23:46 CST
PromptoBeans M-0250: Skylar Mutation Mhoats Moon Kitty 22 November 2020, 05:39:15 CST
Numiauri C-0002: Myn Mythic Mhoats Celestial of Space 19 November 2020, 21:39:34 CST
PromptoBeans C-0001: Yel Mythic Mhoats Celestial of Time 19 November 2020, 21:38:21 CST
Numiauri M-0125: Doodle Mythic Mhoats Fresh Canvas 19 November 2020, 08:14:32 CST
Numiauri M-0092: Oracle Mutation Mhoats Starlight Oracle 19 November 2020, 07:25:14 CST
Numiauri M-0041: Vin Mutation Mhoats Firework Burst 19 November 2020, 05:50:28 CST
Numiauri M-0040: Anisa Mutation Mhoats Floral Sky 19 November 2020, 05:47:37 CST
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