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Subtypes: Land, Aquatic, Siren, Kelpie

Mhoats are physical embodiments of magic, their bodies are made of a physical form of magic called aethic. Aethic is malleable and allows mhoats to transform between a quadrupedal and bipedal form. Flexible plates of hardened silk cover every part of the body where aethic doesn’t show through, these are formed naturally as a protective layer between themselves and the environment around them. The plating is usually subtle, obscured by soft fur-like strands of silk that sprout from the surface of the plates. The seams are visible at night when a mhoat’s natural bioluminescence shines through the seams of the opaque plating that covers their bodies.

Minimum and Maximum Aethic Coverages

Given their magical nature mhoats come in a range of different appearances, the various traits they present occur more often than others. Mutations or mythic traits are often a result of a mhoat’s natural magic or an encounter with wild magic altering their appearance. Outside of these random magical influences there are food items that mhoats find in the wild (mutation stones) or make during seasonal festivities (fruit drop jelly) that can draw forth specific traits that a mhoat desires.

Some mythic traits are viewed as special or significant, greyscale aethic for example is thought to be from a touch of the magic wielded by the mhoat deities, Yel and Myn. White, associated with Yel is viewed as a blessing, a sign of good fortune while black, associated with Myn is viewed as something to be treated with wariness, an ill omen. The colors presented in a mhoat's aethic are thought to be an embodiment of their magic; the colors present on their plating don't carry this same meaning which is why a much wider range of colors is present on the protective plating covering their bodies.

More info about the species can be found on this species page.

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