Character Masterlist

Thumbnail for M-0457: Kai
Tropical Island Paradise
Thumbnail for M-0454
Graceful Spectre
Thumbnail for M-0448: Hunni
Alarming Bee
Thumbnail for M-0388: BB
Forest Fairy
Thumbnail for X-0036: Rosin
House Cricket
Thumbnail for X-0026: Sailor
Galactic Guardian
Thumbnail for M-0327: Hecate
Moonlit Waters
Thumbnail for X-0017: Andal
Headspace Invader
Thumbnail for M-0252: Goose
Out of This World
Thumbnail for C-0002: Myn
Celestial of Space
Thumbnail for M-0008: Lumia
Luminous Weaver
Owner Name Rarity Species Title Created
Fulgarite M-0457: Kai Winter Mhoats Tropical Island Paradise 29 August 2023, 07:49:01 CDT
Numiauri M-0454 Mythic Mhoats Graceful Spectre 16 August 2023, 13:15:27 CDT
Numiauri M-0448: Hunni Mythic Mhoats Alarming Bee 19 June 2023, 16:25:48 CDT
Admin M-0432 Mutation Mhoats Honey 17 May 2023, 05:48:00 CDT
Bio-zuzu M-0388: BB Spring Mhoats Forest Fairy 18 January 2023, 16:33:35 CST
Oboe X-0036: Rosin Mutation Mhoats House Cricket 11 December 2022, 16:10:48 CST
Oboe X-0026: Sailor Mythic Mhoats Galactic Guardian 29 August 2022, 15:23:20 CDT
Fulgarite M-0327: Hecate Mutation Mhoats Moonlit Waters 17 August 2022, 14:22:44 CDT
Oboe X-0017: Andal Mutation Mhoats Headspace Invader 22 June 2022, 09:48:00 CDT
Numiauri M-0252: Goose Summer Mhoats Out of This World 24 November 2020, 07:27:20 CST
Numiauri C-0002: Myn Mythic Precursors Celestial of Space 19 November 2020, 21:39:34 CST
PaisleyPerson M-0242: Harper and Esme Potion Mhoats Conjoined Twins 19 November 2020, 21:32:43 CST
Numiauri M-0199: Pierogi Mutation Mhoats Gutted Goblin 19 November 2020, 20:37:11 CST
Fyurama M-0189 Mutation Mhoats 19 November 2020, 20:25:15 CST
rainsong212@dA M-0177 Mutation Mhoats Space Bee 19 November 2020, 20:14:08 CST
stareorini M-0157: Stargazer Mutation Mhoats Stargazer 19 November 2020, 19:51:36 CST
Lavender-Arts@dA M-0153 Mutation Mhoats Neon Fairy 19 November 2020, 19:46:12 CST
stareorini M-0135: Starlight Lily Mutation Mhoats Starlight Lily 19 November 2020, 08:27:31 CST
Pinkedalink@dA M-0131 Mutation Mhoats Monarch Queen 19 November 2020, 08:23:09 CST
Numiauri M-0105: Elana Mutation Mhoats From Another World 19 November 2020, 07:44:03 CST
Numiauri M-0008: Lumia Mutation Mhoats Luminous Weaver 19 November 2020, 04:53:25 CST
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