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FEB 5th = FINAL DAY!!!

Please note that as long as you submit to the gallery before the deadline, no matter how many edits are required, you remain eligible for the event!
Be sure to refer a friend too, as it remains a fun little bonus!! :)

The event officially ends at the end of 5 February.
If the clock in the top right corner says it is February 6th, you are officially too late.

As of February 6th, a grace period of a week will allow you to edit your submission. Every edit resets this period to the full week.
This has been decided upon as to not leave MYO event submissions open permanently.
So yes, no matter how many edits are required, you remain eligible- but please realize that we do want to wrap things up.

Welcome to the 2023 MYO Event


Starts: January 5th 2023 - Ends: February 5th 2023

To start off the year we wanted to hold a MYO event to mark the release of a large batch of new traits, as well as, to draw in and welcome new users who may have been looking to get their first character be it Mhoat or Vabbit but had yet to earn enough caps to do so. Through this event, you will have the option to make one of the species of your choice present on RoM with the additional option to earn a second MYO slot by advertising and drawing in new users.

Creating a Design

- For this event, you may create either a Mhoat or Vabbit with up to 3 mutations available by default.
- If you wish to add trait items you already own to your design, you are allowed to do so- but please let us know, so we can sort it out in the process. :)
- Aquatic Mhoats are not available to be made for this event, only Land Mhoats at this time.
- This design can either be drawn by you, or you may use one of the bases available below.
- If seeking design help, we strongly recommend joining the RoM Discord and posting in the #design-help channel.
- To submit the final design, you will need to have an account on site and need to add the image to the "MYO Event 2023" subfolder in the Event section of the gallery.
- Once submitted mods will check your design and communicate any changes that may need to be made through the gallery submission feature, you do not need to submit this prompt to get your MYO design approved!

Additional Rewards

All participants are eligible for extra rewards; these rewards are a MYO slot item for the species you didn't make a design for as well as a special item that grants a mythic trait!

To earn these additional rewards all you need to do is draw in three individual people who need to state in their gallery submission that you have referred them.

Below you will find additional information and visuals needed when designing your Mhoat or Vabbit, please look them over and read through all information before you begin working on a design.

You are allowed to make a MYO character of all species currently available, but only their primary type.
(For example, you can only make Land Mhoats, not Aquatics.)

To help you with this, we've prepared the following bases:
(Please click the image to download the PSD files.)

For (Land) Mhoats, the Artisan Base on the left, the Feral Base on the right.
Mhoat Species Page:
Mhoat Trait Index:
For Vabbits, a base with example traits.
Vabbit Species Page:
Vabbit Trait Index:

If you use any of the above bases, please add credit to Numiauri when you submit your character.

For any traits that you wish to use be sure to click through on the trait index as they have their own descriptions and guidelines included that may affect how they can appear visually. Additionally, the trait categories below provide information about what traits are mandatory and optional for each species.

Trait Categories:

Here's some examples from the admin team:

Thumbnail for V-0026
Cruel Claw Hound
Thumbnail for V-0027
Bubble Mystic
Thumbnail for V-0028
Luminous Bat
Thumbnail for V-0029
Aerial Tyrant

Disclaimer: This page may be reused in future MYO events. So if you come back to this page at a later date, it may contain different information than you remember.
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