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24 November 2020 (3 years ago)

Hello! This is mewhaku (30) speaking... I own my own Closed Species, Paralogos & Whifflings!

Mhoats is a species I've been a part of for a long time- my Mhoats TH Folder here.

Take a peek at my DeviantArt here.  For more social media, here's my Cardd! (Commissions Link Here)

Other ARPG sites I'm on, as per Toyhouse Bulletin!

Standard Currency:
119 Caps
Seasonal Currency:
18 False Sprouts19 Saltie Shells14 Fungheist Flowers16 Frosty Berries
Special Currency:
9 Pearlescent Sporepuffs
Recent Items
Black Nyaterpillar
Fruitdrop Jelly
Pride Wyvern
Recent Awards


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