Purrideful First Light Festival 2024

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"Hello my dear Mynrosians! I heard from a very fuzzy source that there happened to be a furry fuzzy hunt going on~ So I guess this summer is starting out quite furry and purrideful, you could say! As it is June, the month of pride, with that it's time for a purrideful hunt and a furry box from the pet shop~ I hope you all enjoy the fun tasks about and the month in general~ A small note about the hunt, there is no extra reward besides the hunt items. Well them and I guess you could say you also get a lot of fuzzy feelings (from all the catfur.)"

Purride Month 2024 Scavenger Hunt

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"Speaking of summer, the First Light Festival is here! Which on the note of festivals, the Spring fest is now at a close and the adoption fair seems to have had some luck handing out pets! How wonderful~ Congratulations to Bio-zuzu, Fulgarite and PromptoBeans for helping out and adopting some cute pets. There are some plans for the unadopted pets, but we'll leave you in suspense for now..

Back to the First Light Festival, it is here and that does include some of it's festivities, such as the Turtonic Ritual and the Grand Light Display. Although I heard they had a new ritual that deals with cleansings and Hot Springs. Alongside it, if you enter for it, there may be a badge for those who join in on the new ritual and of course, in general! At least it's not too hot to do so for now, so probably best to hop in fast before the summer heat swarms in and melts your bones~"

Oracle Task (Guard)

"Which as always, there are new pets and traits for the First Light Festival and maybe even a brand new trait category for a certain species~ Which, speaking of pets, I do want to note about the new Oracle task as well. It seems the bug hunt is still on and that there is a new hunt for a few new pets there as well! I heard one is quite purrfect so I may go out and help on this one. Just this once!"

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"There are some minor news for updates as well:

  • Two New Pride Pets: The Pride Mollucera and the Pride Tampukin!
  • The Tricrabbytops pet species has been renamed to Mollucera.
  • Pet variations are now more easily visible in the encyclopedia.
  • In fact, there are many new methods to focus on pets only: sort functions, search functions and new pages.
  • A Pet Variations page has been created- it is a work in progress, but it may be finished soon..
  • Pet species added as traits: Ambrosia Fish, Boxy Cat, Candy Llama, Mollucera, Nyatsdis, Onyan, Possum Eel, Sashimimi, Telefish and Wooly Raptor.
  • Added per June 5th: There is a new Subtype Visual Trait Index, showing only traits that a certain Subtype can have- and with a switch that allows you to include basic species traits as well.

With that, on to the prompt~"

Bowling Full of Fun

"With this month's prompt it seems everyone is having a bowling full of fun time~ There also seems to be some Mynrosians handing out a badge- wait a patch! To those who join in on the fun. It's unsure if the Mynrosians are giving them out as a party prize or what but it does seem to draw in more and more Mynrosians. So good luck to them and maybe hop on into the fun. I may even join if they have lighter bowling balls or I'm afraid my bones might snap!"

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"Now, do take care this summer and happy purride month everyone~"

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