New Year and Lots of Fun

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News Header

"Hello my dear Mynrosians! It's been a while since I saw you all! It's been so long that I only remember I seeing you last year!!! Hah! I kid~

Happy New Years Everyone and I hope you all have a lovely year~ Let's make this one a wonderful one!"

Event Header

"Now I may be a tad bit late since last month- It's just my old bones got all creaky and cold from all of this snow! But let me still point out the Starlight Gala event. As always, there are some fun new pets in the shop, some new traits and some awards to snag when joining the event! This time, I hear you can get your fortunes read for a bonus trinket! So make sure to draw or write your way in~ Thought do be careful, I also heard some of those fortunes can hit you on the nose so hard that it'll make it glow! Can't be to careful with all the magic the Oracle can whip up. Although they do have a need for mushrooms and soil. So you may get lucky by helping them out and not have your nose glow!"

Starlight Gala Event Header

"There are some minor news for updates as well:

  • You now get a Cakey Loot in your birthmonth, as birthday gift! (You need to have at least your birthmonth publicly visible for members.)
  • Prompts can now be viewed on a seperate page!
  • Placed comments can now have their history viewed! (Only comments edited after December 24th 2023, however.)
  • Want to protect your account? We got two-factor authentication now.
  • Comments now use a WYSIWYG editor, allowing for more customization options!
  • You can now draft a submission, even cancel it back to draft if you made a mistake!
  • The Species visual trait index will now have small pop-ups if you click on them, for more information!
  • You can copy the character code, for any non-MYO character, by clicking the little icon next to their name on the ML entry!
  • We now have a space up front showing the most recent news and one random open design still for sale!
  • In the Gallery, subgalleries now show up properly in the sidebar, and up to three generations of subgalleries are shown.
  • And many, many more smaller updates, a lot of which Realm of Mynros already had..

Otherwise onto the prompt!"

New Resolutions??

"Time to make New Year Resolutions! Wait- Did I finish my last ones? One second. I'll be right back I swear-"

*crackling noise* "...did Inkwell just storm out of the booth... wait, in the middle of a recording?.. And he knocked over the camera.. THAT DUMB SKELET- No, I don't mean you, man, I mean Inkwell, y'know.. let's see where can I pick up.. Ah, whatever."

"HELLO FANS EVERYWHERE!.. Yes, I've been sick, Inkwell's got.. I don't even know, a lack of muscles probably.. So we kind of missed out on last month's newspost.. Uhh.. Okay, okay. To continue from where I think he left off.. New Resolutions, huh.. Whew, last year I wrote that I wanted to become even more famous than I already was, and that was clearly a great success!.. I think. ANYWAY."

New Years 2024

"Apparently, just like last year, we got a Cakey Loot for everyone as well as a cool new badge.. The badge. Hm.. It.. it looks kinda.. familiar.. Doesn't it? Ah well. On that note, the Cakey Loot was also spread at the start of this month as birthday gift to everyone who we know was born this month.. If yours is this month, be sure to check you got one! If you don't, you might want to let us know.. and ofcourse, change your.. uh.. settings?.. What even is this note.."

Oracle Quest

"Okay, so the old bones mentioned the Oracle wanting mushrooms and soil, but did he even specify the Oracle intends for the mushrooms to be cook into delicious meals?.. Wait a sec.. And there's a note on the floor, ofcourse there is.. Ah, okay, and the Oracle would like to state that they got everything in stock this month!... Everything? Whew, that's pretty sweet, means we have a lot of options this time around."

"Next up should be the spotlig- wait, wait wait, I forgot. I should be pointing out that we still got some sweet raffles open."

Raffle: M-0472
MhoatsWinter Mythic
Frozen Cranberry
Design: BnG ・ Art: BnG

Enter Here

Draw gift art to enter the raffle, click the link above!

Raffle: V-0082
Gentle Snow
Design: restingden ・ Art: restingden

Enter Here

Free to enter the raffle, click the link above!

"Okay, cool, hope everyone can enter those.. Now onto the spotlight as is usual from us~"

Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail

"Well, that should be all.. I hope Inkwell didn't leave out anything important.. Where did he even run off to?... Ah well."

"Pap out~!"



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