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News Header

"Hello my dear Mynrosians! I hope you all are having a wonderful February so far~ May I say, I hope you are excited for the things we have planned for you!

This is the last month to the Starlight Gala and I'd like to give it a little boost before the season changes~ Alongside the snow storm the winter has given us!!! I heard it's going to be a very cold Valentines, a cold that's so cold my bones will be frozen to the spot!"

Cold Valentines

"There are some minor news for updates as well:

  • Our old OA Oboe has stepped down due to mental health reasons. We wish you the best of health and luck in your future endeavors!
  • We did bring in two new OAs, though! After their great adopt set as GAs, restingden and BnG will be popping in to help out!
  • The new OAs are now available to be seen on the OA customs page, although be sure to check if they are open or not!
  • All rarities have been updated, all seasonal mythics and the potion mythic have been renamed to disclude the mythic part.
  • Awards on the Awards page are now smaller and more easily viewed.
  • Sakura Faux Horns are now updated and no longer differentiate between v1 and v2. You can still see the old 'v2' as variation trait, but should not be used on character designs updates.
  • The sublists for Mhoats, Vabbits and Pets have been updated to list characters of the respective species, rather than character category. This allows, for example C-0008: Skylar, to show up in the Mhoats sublist as well.
  • We've added a distinction for C-0001: Yel and C-0002: Myn; they are now known as Precursors, rather than Mhoats.
  • Pet Subtypes are out- Pet Species traits are in! This to provide better visibility in both the overall subtypes and the pet species. All pets have been updated accordingly.
  • And a few more smaller updates, mostly in terms of Lorekeeper Quality of Life..

Otherwise let me hand this over to Paprika! I heard he has something special to say~"

"...Yeah, I gotta say I'm disappointed you did the intro without me! And I'm pretty sure you forgot to mention Leander got another task lined up.."

The Oracle's Task: Calefaction Cup

"...I don't think this idea of his is a good idea at all, but who knows, maybe some Mhoat or Vabbit can find use for this.. hot item.

But I digress- HELLO FANS EVERYWHERE! Remember that shop I mentioned when we were all sick as.. uh.. well, very sick? Months ago, let's just say months ago. I mentioned that a .. haa.. MYSTEEEERIOUS WIZARD had opened shop, and he wanted you to imagine an adventure set in a fantasy world.. and.. all that jazz. Well, Pol..itely said, that shop is now ACTUALLY OPEN!! Yay!.. and there's.. a tent set up in there. Not sure why. Hey Inky, didn't you have a note about it here somewhere..?"

Timeless Explorers

"Ah, here it is.. Ahem. The Timeless Explorers Welcome All! Go on an adventure beyond your wildest dreams and imagination, in the fantasy world of.. Wait, I thought this was meant to be a history course, not a game? Apparently it's a table top.. role playing game?? Like, a board game? I'm not sure if I understand, but alright.. According to this note, it says there are special prizes to be won the more sessions are run, and that there is a big special reward for those who finish the entire campaign.. Hrm.. And you can join as a party of.. two? Maybe I should see if JB has interest in this.."

Timeless Shop

"I do gotta say, oddity of the tent aside, there are some cool things in this so-called Timeless Shop. Sure, most of it is decorative, but who doesn't like little knick-knacks. I bet there are some folk out there who would carry these items with them."

"Anyway, here's this month's art spotlight!.. Hey, I think I know some of the folk drawn here, neat!"

Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail Submission thumbnail

"That's about it for this update, y'got something to finish with, Inkwell? Ah, right, you're busy, hey, at least wave for the folk at home!"

News Outro

"Pap out~!"



KazultheDragon Avatar

Severely disappointed in how you treated my friend here.

2024-02-11 18:44:28

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Speedy Staff Member

If there is an issue, then you are welcome to contact any of the administration through Discord or through a claim if Discord is not a possibility.

2024-02-12 14:31:46

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