[Open] Lil' Moon Bunnies

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Flatsale: V-0070[Closed]
Lunar Bunny
Design: Numiauri ・ Art: Numiauri
Price: US$60

Flatsale: V-0072[Open]
Mochi Maker
Design: Numiauri ・ Art: Numiauri
Price: US$75

Flatsale: V-0071[Open]
Lunar Beauty
Design: PromptoBeans ・ Art: PromptoBeans
Price: US$50

Combo deal with P-0030: US$65

Flatsale: P-0030[Open]
Reflection Pool Lerring
Design: PromptoBeans ・ Art: PromptoBeans
Price: US$20

Combo deal with V-0071: US$65

Flatsale: V-0073[Open]
Design: Speedy ・ Art: Speedy
Price: US$60

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Perhaps it is not as celebrated in the western world as much as it is in Asia, but we made a set of Lil' Moon Buns to celebrate this.. or, I guess, these festivals!
We also have two new traits in celebration, one them used in the new adopts!

Whether you celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Moon Festival, Mooncake Festival, or any of the other festivals in this period of time or based on similar legends.. We hope you enjoy this little set of Vabbits and the new traits!

Please comment below to claim.


shralen Avatar
May I claim Lunar Bunny?

2023-09-29 11:42:27

Numiauri Avatar
Numiauri Staff Member
Wonderful, I'll contact you shortly to sort payment c:

2023-09-29 11:47:06

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