[Open] New Years Adopt 2023

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Flatsale: M-0380[Closed]
Braided in Knots
Design: Numiauri ・ Art: Numiauri
Price: US$50

Flatsale: M-0381[Open]
All That Glitters
Design: PromptoBeans ・ Art: PromptoBeans
Price: US$50

Bundled with P-0021

Flatsale: P-0021[Open]
Champangel Fly
Design: PromptoBeans ・ Art: PromptoBeans
Price: US$0

Bundled with M-0381

Flatsale: M-0382[Closed]
Bull in a China Shop
Design: Oboe ・ Art: Oboe
Price: US$40

Flatsale: V-0025[Closed]
Art Supply Store
Design: Speedy ・ Art: Speedy
Price: US$40

XTA: M-0383[Closed]
Bright Stars

Enter Here

Follow the XTA rules and information in the prompt linked below!

New Years Adopts


• Comment below with the design you would like to purchase!
• Artists are allowed to decline offers at their own discretion. They do not need to share their reasoning.

XTA Raffle Rules

• The XTA Raffle for Bright Stars will run for the entire month of January, to participate you must make submission to the New Years 2023 prompt. You will find more details on the prompt.



shralen Avatar
I would like to get Braided in Knots please

2023-01-01 18:50:52

Numiauri Avatar
Numiauri Staff Member
Of course, I'll message you shortly and get that sorted c:

2023-01-01 19:03:36

shralen Avatar
:3 tnx. they have such a loveley desing.

2023-01-01 19:10:50

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