[Open] Collab Adopts

Posted 2 years ago :: Last edited 1 year ago by PromptoBeans
Flatsale: M-0275[Closed]
"Meow"dow Cat
Price: US$30

Flatsale: M-0276[Open]
Price: US$30

Flatsale: M-0277[Closed]
Mantis Shrimp
Price: US$30

Surprise! Here is a collab set between PromptoBeans and Fulgarite!


Xenohorsequeen Avatar
Can I grab mantis shrimp? ( give me a dm so I can give email for PayPal invoice )

2023-02-19 19:52:42

mewhaku Avatar
Could I buy M-0275 ? =D "Meow"dow cat?

2022-06-04 20:26:16

PromptoBeans Avatar
PromptoBeans Staff Member
Of course! We'll message you shortly about the adopt~ Thank you so much for buying!

2022-06-06 03:41:39

mewhaku Avatar
You're welcome, thank you!

2022-06-06 11:03:10

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